The Honeymoon Stage In A Relationship

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It is also known as the romance stage, infatuation stage, bliss stage, enchantment stage, blindness stage, and the Fantasy Stage and it is stage is very necessary to establish the bond between lovers. It  should not and will not last forever as the media brainwashed our minds.

What happens in this stage is actually what happens in all Hollywood romance movies and romantic novels. The word “love is blind” cannot be really materialized in any stage more than this one.

Just think about the word “Love”… What really jumps into your mind is actually the perfect description of the romance or the honeymoon stage.

Big signs you are already in the honeymoon stage

This stage is the easiest to recognize. Here are some signs:

  • Lovers feel massive attraction to each other.
  • There is a lot of joy, laugh, flirting, passion and sexual attraction.
  • There is a huge amount of passion.
  • Couples feel happy, satisfied, and are very active and positive.
  • Lovers try to do their best to please each other. Each one of them try to do his best to be kind to the other.
  • Each one of them try to appear in his/her best form, either in terms of “looks” or “attitude”.
  • Their defense mechanisms are down to the most and most of times.
  • They tend to fantasize about each other and think of each other as an ideal human.
  • Lovers  have too much unrealistic expectation from each other.
  • Lovers feel an uncontrollable urge to constantly think of each other.
  • Lovers in feel some extra energy as the relationship gives them a mode boosts.
  • Both of them feel uncontrollable urge to be stay together and for a very long time.
  • They love spending time with each other and staying with each other more than staying with their friends or families.
  • Prepare yourself to pay extra money for the high phone bills :)
  • Couples try to focus on the relationship at the expense of their lives. They put the relationship and each other on top of their priorities. They may even tend to socially withdraw to some extent.
  • Lovers focus on what they like about each other and ignore each other’s negative traits or even sometimes try to rationalize those negative traits make them appear as positive as well.
  • They are very open and have a great desire to reveal as much as possible about themselves to each other.
  • They try to find and focus on similarities rather than differences.
  • Either being right or wrong, lovers tend to convince themselves that they are compatible, and each one of them have find the one.
  • They tend to agree with each other about almost everything.
  • And.. The list is endless.

So how long does the honeymoon stage last?

Unfortunately, we always think of love and relationships as if  they were only about the romantic stage. This is actually what the movies are telling us day and night; however the reality is far from this.

Actually the honeymoon stage can last anywhere from few weeks to two years, and is rarely to happen again with the same intense, however this stage can be renewed by taking very few and simple actions.

For example, traveling together to a new place will rekindle the romance and bring the honeymoon stage feelings again.

So, again, there is nothing like the “specific phase” has been gone or will last forever.

Any relationship stage are subjected to end and can happen again and even more than once.

This applies for the honeymoon stage and the power struggle phase or any other stage from the five stages of a relationship.

Common mistakes men make in the honeymoon stage

This point alone requires one separate post, however I will shed the light quickly on the 3 most common mistakes

  • Taking too many steps more than her.

You may know there are five stages of any committed relationship and that they start with the romance stage. However, sometimes while the woman still in the romance stage, a man is in the commitment stage aka he is thinking about marrying her! Too fast really!

This will actually cause him to take too many steps with disregard to his girl who is still in the romance stage.

Unlike women, a man can judge his potential female partner very fast. Sometimes it takes a man just five minutes or even less to start falling in love and get into the honeymoon stage, while in fact women need time to asses a man personality, and to make sure he can provide her with protection and security.

Of course I am talking about women who seek long term relationships. Women who are interested in a one night relationship are a quite different case.

  • Acting needy.

Calling her too much or paying too much attention to what she says is a perfect example of neediness.

  • Being insecure.

Bragging about yourself your job, career, skills, money, car or whatever is always seen as a kind of insecurity.

Note: Those mistakes apply also for women, however they are more obvious in men.

Final words about the Honeymoon stage

The honeymoon stage in a relationship and dating is not a kind of “lasting forever” stage itself nor any other phase as well, however it is (the honeymoon stage) necessary for making the initial bond and making the relationship last forever even with a less amount of attraction and passion than it was in the romance stage.

And we can repeat it again whenever we want, but only if we (or actually you) really want.

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