Naughty Texting – Vintage Style

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This is a guest post by my friend Alan, in which he shares his own tips and techniques on how to effectively flirt with a girl over text.

Generations to generation people get flirty and naughty by none other than love letters, greetings and now-a-days chats, tweets, watsapp or even Facebook updates. One of my old friend proposed his girlfriend via a long 2-3 pages love letter which is still there with her. They are the most romantic couple I have ever seen.  So let me share with you few tips and tricks on flirting and texting:

How to flirt with a girl over text!

First of all, keep it simple, polite and innocent

Simpler you keep, Easier it gets to lure a girl in a long conversation. Longer the conversation, Longer the time you get to spend with a girl (without trying too hard). Longer the time you spend with the girl, longer are the chances for a DATE ;)

Secondly it should be straight from the heart

Jjust like an arrow purging from your heart – While you are chatting or texting her, Make her feel like she is the next target of love cupids.

Try pulling her leg on some topic (but never bring in weight or age topics)

When she starts falling for you, make her feel jealous (little bit jealousy is naughty J ) by making up stories about some girl from work or from neighbourhood. Tease her, about the dress she wore or the small glitches she does in typing in a cute manner.

Take interest in her interests and hobbies: Try to know her and express her views about her interests, life, career etc and you will few points to flirt. Like if she says “I want to be Miss World” you should say and text her “You are Miss World for me”.

Keep on using cute smileys

Download or learn few special smiles which she is unaware of, like for facebook :putnam: (^^^) etc.  Using the smileys depends on the mood of the girl. Most of the girls like cute teddies and hearts but few tomboyish can be impressed by cool bikes and hand knuckle smileys too.

Use few nicknames

Depending on the status of your relationship, you can use various nicknames.
Deep in love: call her by your favourite actress. (As you understand each other)
Falling in love: try using simple and safe one like Sweety, Tweety or even my wonder woman or catwoman :P.
Starting a conversation: invent your own nicknames. Like I call one of my colleague as Excel Killer as she is good with Microsoft excel.

After some leg pulling its time to appreciate and lure her in your talks

she will be all giggles over even on your leg pulling – Now it is time for some appreciation, her eyes, lips, hair, her beautiful smile etc etc.

Now comes the MISS YOU part

Even if you have been away from her for five minute’s text her that you are already missing her or if she is your colleague and did not come for work. Explain her how horrible the day was at work or in college.

Last but not the least

If she gets angry or sad on some of your silly jokes quickly accept your mistake and apologies, there is no point arguing.
Most importantly try to change the topic ask her about the work or some funny movie story or few funny moments of yours for the way out. Never leave the conversation on a bad note.

According to the current stats, around 70 to 80% of communication takes place via texting, so one should know the skill of how to flirt with girls over text, and remember that there is no age limit for flirting ;) . Enjoy Flirting!

Famous dating coaches Bobby Rio and Rob Jack created the magnetic messaging course in which they teach the secrets of effective messaging using specific sequence of magnetic text messages called The Key Lock Sequence. You might want to watch their free video presentation in which they reveal some of their secrets and explain the key lock technique.

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