Love at First Sight 101

love at first sight or love from first sight is one of the so generic and confusing topics ever. In the past, i used to get confused when thinking about love at first sight, but when i asked some of my friends (who were confused too), some of them told me that there is nothing… Read More »

The Honeymoon Stage In A Relationship

It is also known as the romance stage, infatuation stage, bliss stage, enchantment stage, blindness stage, and the Fantasy Stage and it is stage is very necessary to establish the bond between lovers. It  should not and will not last forever as the media brainwashed our minds. What happens in this stage is actually what… Read More »

Relationship Stages: The Five Stages Of A Committed Relationship

The five stages of a committed relationship

After reading this article and learning about the stages of a relationship, you will experience a significant change in the way you understand your partner and the whole relationship. While Many years ago, I used to feel stuck and confused while being in a relationship. I used to feel like I cannot understand what is… Read More »