Everything About One Sided Love Or Love From One Side!

One sided love or love from one side has always confused many people. Most of us used to say things and ask questions like: Is one sided love a real love? Can we consider one sided love as a normal love? How to deal with one sided love? Should I tell the person that I… Read More »

Why Do I Dream About My Ex?!

“I Dream About My Ex! Please tell me why i dream about my ex!” was the subject of an email that was sent by a guy telling that he is still dreaming about his ex girlfriend although he did whatever can be done to get over her. He was wondering why he is still dreaming… Read More »

How To Get My Girlfriend Back?

It has been common for me to receive a lot of emails every day from guys asking the same question: How To Get My Girlfriend Back?, something like: Dear Ali, My girlfriend has dumped me. I really miss her. She was my whole world. I just want her back. How to get my girlfriend back? Ali! Please… Read More »

I Want My Girlfriend Back

I want my girlfriend back

In the article I miss my ex-girlfriend, I have stressed on some points or false beliefs that may be preventing you from getting over your ex-girlfriend like thinking that you will never find another girl like her. And while this may be the case of many guys, there are many other false beliefs rather than… Read More »