Privacy Policy and Income Disclosure

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is seriously taken. For the sake of  improving the performance of this blog, i need to collect some data like the number of visitors, traffic, and IPs. I also use some log file analyzers to learn about the number of hits, browsers, operating systems, and time on site.

I also use Google Analytics, a small JavaScript code by Google to analyze site usage and behavior to help me improve this site.You can also disable this service via your browser if you would like to do.

I as well as other third party advertisers and others may use cookies like any other website or blog keep tracking locations and other settings and preferences.

Anyway, and under no circumstances i can know your name or any personal information about you except for those you provide yourself like your email address if you become a subscriber to my posts, updates and email list.

Income Disclosure

I am paid for reviewing some books and products. I may sometimes participate in affiliate programs and use some affiliate links in this blog. Those are books and products that i have used myself, benefited from, and promote  to share the benefit with my readers. In addition, in case of reviews, I will clearly state that it is a review.

This means that I earn some commission when you buy through my links. This money is what I use to keep this blog running.

In fact you pay the same amount of money whether you buy through my links or not. However, when you buy through my links, you make a great contribution to keeping this blog running and helping people all over the world live a better love life. So Thanks in advance!

I may also use advertisements or Google adsense ads. Those are text or image ads by Google. Anyway, the goal of this blog is not to make money, however money is really necessary to keep this blog running as stated before.


Articles & Content Policies

All content and articles on is owned by and derived from the opinion and experience of M. Ali Hafiz or a guest author to which a given post or page is attributed. In case of guest posts, an attribution will be given to the author.

Images & Photos Credit

Images used on this blog come from specific sources:

  • Photos and images i created myself.
  • Photos and images provided by another blog which gives a reuse license of the photo. In such a case, i will give an attribution to the owner blog.
  • Photos and images provided by the book or product owner that i review their products.

If there is an image on this blog that you may think shouldn’t be here or regarding any other issue,  Just contact me and i will take the necessary action.

Blog Comment Policy

You are welcome to comment on my blog. In fact i encourage you to do, however I reserve the right to approve what I want to approve, and delete or simply not approve what i do not want to approve without the need to state a reason. I may also  some comment plugins like CommentLuv to give you the a full benefit if you want to link back to your blog with a keyword rich back link, however i reserve myself the right to delete the luv only or the whole comment as stated before. I also reserve myself the right to close comments on a specific page, post or on the whole blog, and whenever i want.