10 Signs You Should Not Try To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

After a break up, you may feel some anger and depression that lead you to think about getting back together with your ex girlfriend. You start visualizing her between your arms again and you -both- are enjoying one of the best old romantic moments you had together. And while you may succeed to get her… Read More »

What Do Women Want In a Relationship?

This is another issue that confuses a lot of men including me in the past. I used to think of women as a kind of a puzzle that cannot and will not be solved. This was simply because I could not understand what women really want in a relationship. The following is the sequence I… Read More »

How To Forget Your Ex Girlfriend

When it comes to break ups, people are divided into two groups. The first group is those who suffer badly right after a break up. They keep visiting the same places they visited with their ex. They keep listening to sad break up songs. They cannot sleep, and lose their appetite. They may even cry!… Read More »

How To Get My Girlfriend Back?

It has been common for me to receive a lot of emails every day from guys asking the same question: How To Get My Girlfriend Back?, something like: Dear Ali, My girlfriend has dumped me. I really miss her. She was my whole world. I just want her back. How to get my girlfriend back? Ali! Please… Read More »

How To Get Her Back Using The Power Of Facebook!

Get her back using facebook

Sometimes, we lose hope and give up while we still have some powerful cards in our hands. Today I am going to talk about one of the most powerful techniques that can dramatically increase your chances of getting her back. Warning for bad guys Before we start I have to tell you that you should… Read More »

How To Win Her Back If You Are The One Who Dumped Her?

So, you dumped your girlfriend but want to win her back? This article will help you win her back but only if it is still possible. Contrarily to common beliefs, sometimes, getting your ex back when you are the one who did the dumping is way difficult than if you are the one who was… Read More »

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You For Cheating On Her

This is the most definitive guide on how to  get your ex girlfriend back and get her to forgive you if you cheated on her, however i have to make some assumptions before even proceeding a bit. I am going to assume that you have cheated on your wife or girlfriend and she reacted by… Read More »

The Honeymoon Stage In A Relationship

It is also known as the romance stage, infatuation stage, bliss stage, enchantment stage, blindness stage, and the Fantasy Stage and it is stage is very necessary to establish the bond between lovers. It  should not and will not last forever as the media brainwashed our minds. What happens in this stage is actually what… Read More »

Stages Of Grief After A Break Up

Stages of grief after a break up

Contrarily to common beliefs, the stages of grief after a break up are so unique and completely different than the case when you lose someone of your relatives or a friend to death. Yes both of them are making you sad, however getting over a break up is sometimes even harder to do. At the… Read More »

What To Do After A Break Up?!

What to do after a break up.

So you have been dumped or you are even the one who ended the relationship? Now what?! what to do after a break up? Of course it is a bit different if the end was your choice (you are the one who ended the relationship) than if it is the case when you are forced… Read More »