I Want My Girlfriend Back

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I want my girlfriend back

In the article I miss my ex-girlfriend, I have stressed on some points or false beliefs that may be preventing you from getting over your ex-girlfriend like thinking that you will never find another girl like her.

And while this may be the case of many guys, there are many other false beliefs rather than this one that are preventing you from getting over her. In this article we are going to shed the light on some of them.

Again, should you get her back or simply try to get over her?!

As I said before, I do not have the answer; however I can help you find the answer yourself.

Even if your goal is to get her back and not to get over her, by correcting your beliefs, you will dramatically increase your chances of getting her back (in case you want), because correcting some of your false beliefs about love, relationships and breakups will make you even emotionally stronger. Thus you will not beg her to get back together or act needy like before.

In a nutshell, correcting your beliefs and being emotionally strong is a win-win situation. So, you will be able to WIN her back or at least control your emotions and so WIN yourself back.

I want my ex-girlfriend back

Many guys become sure that they truly loved theirs ex-girlfriends. And while this may sometimes be true, there is a big possibility that a man was not really in love with his ex-girlfriend and in fact he was in love with the emotions she was providing him with!

Loving Love Itself Instead Of The Lover

As i said in a previous article, and the one about rebound relationships that sometimes you fall in love with someone not because of the person him/herself, but because of what this person can give you or do for you.

Actually, this person satisfies a need within you, and that’s why you think you love him/her.

In our case, this need may be the need for love itself or the emotions you feel while being with your woman. Actually you love being in love regardless of who is providing you with this love or these emotions and feelings.
if this is your case, then finding any other girl and starting to be intimate with her will solve your problem provided that you like her or at least physically attracted to her.

Well.. i know what you want to say right now, but before you start to argue with me that it is not your case, i have a little test for you.
So, how to know that you truly loved her and not just being in love? Just ask yourself this question and be honest to yourself.
If your girl had an accident that caused her to cut her leg or become blind (just imagine a big issue), how would be your reaction?! Will you continue to love her or it would be the end? WAIT! Before you answer, just remember that the key is to be honest to yourself.
Okay. What if she died? What would describe your feelings most? The pain which is out of losing her? Or a pain out of losing the source that was providing you with the emotions you need? Just be honest to yourself..

No i love her.. I really want her back

So you took the test and answered honestly that you love her and not being in love with her.
Before you start to be sure that you want her because you really love her, i have another eye opener for you.

Rejection and wanting her back

If you do not have a solid self confidence, then a rejection will really harm your self esteem and you will never feel good before you boost your self esteem again.

This is really painful. that’s why your subconscious mind try to hide this fact from you and so it convinces you that you want to get your girl back because you loved her, while in fact the truth is that you just need to boost your self-esteem again. It is you seeking some confirmation.

For instance, confirmation means that you need others to confirm you about something that you doubt. A perfect example is when you buy a new T-shirt and before you go out wearing it, you ask your sister: “Is this T-Shirt nice?”, and in fact you will feel really good when she answers by something like “wow! You look so good in this T-Shirt!”

In our case, you just want her back because you want her to confirm that you are good as a man. And in fact, if it happens that another woman says that she likes you or loves you, you will feel really good especially if she is more beautiful than your girl, and the more women do, the more you will feel better.

So, if this is your situation, you simply have to work on building yourself esteem. Just improve your self esteem and this feeling of missing her will completely disappear.

As you can see, you may want her back out of many things and all of them are related to you and your needs, not actually her.
Taking this fact into consideration will help you get over her, or be emotionally strong when trying to get her back, and anyway you are a winner.

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