I Miss My Ex Girlfriend!

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I miss my ex girlfriend

Sometimes after a breakup, you find yourself missing your girlfriend, and this is actually really painful.

In fact, experiencing pain after a breakup is not the problem; it is actually a syndrome of another core problem which is your belief system.

In this article I am going to show that if you can get rid of some beliefs that you already have in your mind, then you will feel better within a very short period.

However, there is another important point, which is:  what should you do? I mean: should you give up on her and start accepting the fact that it’s over or you simply should try again to get her back?!

The answer is not that simple. It depends on what you really want, however this article will be an eye opener and will help you find the answer to the above question. And to get the result you want either it’s to get her back or to get over her.

I miss my ex-girlfriend so much! I cannot even live without her!

Well… This is totally wrong. If it is right, so please tell me how you lived before you met her!

Many guys do a big mistake right after a breakup when they tend to glorify the relationship and their ex-girlfriends.  Actually, you may have made a mistake and she dumped you because of it.

May be you ignored her for a while, but believe me; you are doing the complete opposite mistake by glorifying her and the relationship.

Yes I know that you may have loved her, and it is okay to do, however what is not accepted is that kind of glorifying attitude. Just remember that this kind of pain is very normal because it is the pain of loss.

In fact, Saying that you cannot live without her, is the most obvious proof that you did not really love her. Instead you NEED her, or you can say that you love her because you need her and not because of personality and what she really is.

Do not limit your options

Another interesting point is that you are really limiting your options. There are thousands of women out there, and when I say thousands, I am just trying to be realistic, because they are actually millions.

Yes, millions or at least thousands of women out there which are even better than your girlfriend.

Look.. What did you like most about her?

Her personality?!

Her looks?!

Well.. Can’t you see that there are many beautiful women out there and many of them are even more beautiful than your ex?

You may be telling yourself that it is not her looks.. It’s something even behind her looks.. it is her soul.. she was the only one who understand me, and.. bla bla bla..

Listen! Maybe, it is the truth. Maybe she could understand you more than anyone. However, does this mean that she is the only one who can do it? Isn’t there any other woman who can do it?!

The fact that “you still cannot find another woman who can understand you as much as your woman or even more” does not necessarily mean that there is no woman who can actually do, and this also applies for any specific trait that you liked about your ex-girlfriend.

And you know what, if she can really understand you and she has broken your heart, so what would she have done if she did not understand you and your real intentions. Ahh, I guess she would have killed you instead :)  Hey! Wake up!

A Relationship vs. A Locationship!

Sometimes we fall into that trap after a breakup. We tend to think that we love the other new person while in fact it is nothing more than the need to find someone to satisfy the need that our exes used to satisfy it for us.

Actually, this is exactly the same situation when you miss your ex.. This feeling of missing is out of the unsatisfied need not because of the one who used to satisfy it for you.

According to what we concluded together above, when I said that you love her because you need her and not because of what she really is, then it is really easy to find another woman or girl that can satisfy this need, because it is all about you not your ex. Got it?!

In fact all what you have to do is to locate another girl with the same level of quality as your ex- girlfriend or even better, and this kind of “missing” will totally disappear.

You may argue with me about this point and say: hey, if this is right, so why the heck most rebound relationships fail?

Well.. Simply because either you or your new love are stressed because of an old relationship and you still think of your ex/ exes , or because you have chosen the wrong girl.

So, a locationship may be transformed into a successful relationship if done properly and with the right person (new lover).

According to the law of attraction, if you let yourself be in a relationship that you do expect it to succeed, then it will succeed and vice versa. i.e. if you are in a new relationship and still thinking of your ex and the possibilities to get back together, so how do you think your new relationship will work?!

So, when you feel like you miss your ex-girlfriend and you want her back, check the points clarified in this post. If you find what you feel is right then you may consider getting her back,  but never do it until you read the article: 10 Signs You Should Not Try To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back, otherwise you should get over her and proceed with your life. You can also check I want my girlfriend back for more possibilities.

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However if you think that the relationship will not work, then you may want to check the Break Me Free Program that was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

Anyway, and regardless of your decision, you have always to remember that you are a man, and a real man should never be weak neither because of a girl, love nor anything in the whole world.

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  1. Mike says:

    I like how you incorporate the law of attraction. People who think their relationships wont work out destine them to fail.
    And how people romanticize past relationships. Great point!

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