How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back – The Ultimate Guide To Get Her Back

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If you are coming here searching for how to get your ex-girlfriend back, then I’d like to congratulate you. Your search for this problem ends here.. I promise :)

First of all, I want you to understand the following points:

  1. It is still possible to get your ex-girlfriend/wife back, and yes, it may be difficult and sometimes impossible, however in most cases, it is possible to get your ex-girlfriend back and even have a happier life than before.
  2. While it is still possible to get her back, it does not mean that this is the best option ever because getting over her and moving on can sometimes be the best thing to do.
  3. You have to fight for your love like a man. So you should fight and should do it like a man, so no begging or crying or anything like this, and if you have already done that, then stop it now.
  4. A relationship is formed by two persons; however it is broken by only one of those two persons; that is why only you willing to get back together is not enough. She also must be willing to get you back and even more than you want, and do not worry about how this will be achieved. That’s why you are here.Getting your ex back requires both of you willing to do it, and since you want to get her back, the only missing part of the puzzle is to make her also want to get back and even more.
  5.  Getting your ex back is in most cases counter intuitive, for example, you may find me telling you that getting your girlfriend back is all about getting over her! In such a case, please follow me blindly because there is no time to doubt what I am about to teach you. What I am about to teach you has helped a lot of men just like you, and you are not an exception.
  6. By talking about time, it is the most valuable tool in your hands now, so use it wisely.
  7. As I said getting her back is all about getting over her, we will talk more about this but what I want you to understand now that you are not trying to get your girl back, however, you are trying to reverse the break up and fix  the relationship with your ex. Period.
  8. You have to fight for your love like a man, but suppose that while you are reading my blog, you realized that your girl does not worth your trial or that you deserve a better relationship, then the best decision that you can make is to move on from this relationship and think about the future and your future partner.
  9. Finally you should know that there is nothing which is 100% guaranteed, and getting your girl back is also not 100% guaranteed.

So what are we going to do?

Here is the plan…

First we will analyze your situation and if (remember only if) we find that you should get her back, then we will try to do so. If it is possible then it is okay, and if it is not possible then it is also okay, move on and seek a better future in both cases.

Before we start, it is strongly recommended that you have a pen and your notebook for the best the result.

So, let’s start..

As I may told you that the first step is to analyze your situation, because when it comes to getting your girl back, there is nothing like one size solution fits all. Every case is unique, thus I want to know many things before I can help you.

The following cases are the most common ones. Check which category you belong to then apply the recommended advice for this particular case.

If you believe that you have a special case rather than the ones mentioned here or a combination of them, then feel free to contact me, and we will see what we can do about it.

1- You dumped her.

Did you dump her? Are you the one who ended the relationship?

Yes, I know it is a rare case. But just in case you dumped her and after a while you discovered that you was wrong and it was not the right decision. This is the only case you should say sorry, but do not get me wrong, you should say sorry with your actions not by words and not by begging. Real men admit it when they are wrong, however they also do not beg for anything. Never!

So, if this is your case, then check how to win her back when you are the one who dumped her.

2- You cheated on her.

Did you cheat on her? Ah this one is really bad. When you cheat on a woman or even lie to her, you lose her trust. Trust is a very necessary component for any relationship to survive. Thus, your main goal is not to get her back, instead your goal is to get her trust back.  For more on this, check how to get her to forgive you after cheating on her.

3- It is still not a break up.

Can we really consider your situation as a break up? Have you formally broken up with each other??

I know it may sound a bit weird; however, sometimes people start to apply the “get ex back” advice to the wrong problems. Your girlfriend might have not just in the mood, when she told you that you have to break up with each other.

She might be stressed or have some issues in her life that you did not or cannot notice. Also, may be it is just a normal fight or argument between you both.

In this case, you have to give her a shoulder to cry on. If you have already fight with each other, then give her more space. After a couple of days, call her and talk about anything but avoid talking about problems and conflicts.

If it is not the first time for the above scenario to happen, then check the following point for more possibilities.

4- She is no longer attracted to you.

 Another possibility is that she was just cold for a while. This can involve one or more of the following scenarios:

  • She blames you for doing the same thing that she used to like in the past.
  • She says things that do not make any sense at all like “you cannot understand me” or “I need some space” or “I am bored, I just need to see other people” or anything like this.
  • After a while she started to be colder and maybe she starts flirting with other guys.
  • She even may start to hang out with another guy!
  • She acts as if you are not there. She treats you like her puppy. In a nutshell, she does not respect you!
  • She may also act as if you are a boring person (or even tell you that you are boring).
  • She may ask for a break or for you to leave her alone for a couple of days, then repeat the same request again and again. She also may not determine the period of this “break”, which means that you have to wait for her and pray that she comes back soon!

In a nut shell, while you are trying too hard to please her, you cannot make her happy, and you know it and she also knows it.

Now, if she did not dump you till the moment you read this, you are really lucky, but I warn you that a break up is about to happen, fast action must be on top of your priorities.

If this is your case, then check how to get my girlfriend back for more about the mistakes you should avoid.

If she has already dumped you, check the next point.

If she has cheated on you, then do not even think about getting her back. Never! Ever!

5- She has already dumped you.

If she has already broke up with you after one or more of the above scenarios, then before even trying to get her back, I strongly recommend that you check both the article i want my girlfriend back and the article I miss my ex girlfriend.

It is always important to make sure that she is worth your efforts and you are not just wasting your time on some kind of a bitch girl.

And before anything make sure to read 10 signs you should not try to get your ex girlfriend back.

If you are still feeling so confused and cannot decide what you should do? Then check this: what to do after a break up?

Now, back to the case that after all you still want her back .. Okay, let me introduce the no contact technique, or the no contact rule.

Either you think that you know the no contact rule or not, you must check the previous link about the no contact rule to see if it is the right solution for your problem or not.

You may also consider being friends with her. If so, do not do it until you read the article: Should you stay friends with your ex girlfriend?

Another thing to consider is to make use of mind games and psychological tricks, but do not over do it and make sure to appear natural otherwise mind games will lose their effect and may even make your situation worse. This can perfectly done with you facebook account even if you are no longer friends on facebook, so make sure to check the post: How to get her back using the power of facebook?

Final words about getting your ex girlfriend back

For a real man, women come second in priority. For real men, women are not everything or even the most important thing ever that makes or breaks their lives, but women are still very important for them to the extent that they come second in a real man’s top priorities.

It does not matter whether you can/want to get her back or simply cannot/do not want to get her back. Anyway, All what matters is YOU and only you and your happiness, and if she can give you that happiness then many women can do it as well.

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