How To Get The Power Back In A Relationship

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How to get the power back in a relationship

In the article the power struggle stage in a relationship, I have said that both men and women are trying to control or affect each other by their own methods. Women use their soft and feminine methods to get the power from men while men try to affect them and get the power back by using their manly and masculine methods.

The power in a relationship expression is what we use to tell to what extent a person is NOT dependent on the relationship.

The more power you have, the more your partner is interested in you, the more you take from the relationship, and finally the less you have to give or commit to the relationship.

I just want to make sure that you understand that it is not how much power you have. It is all about getting the same amount of power as your woman and may be a little bit more than her. Your goal is not to possess most of the power; instead all you need is just 50-60 % of the overall power.

So, if your woman has 50% or more of the power, then this is not really a good indication. Actually, this relationship is not going to work for a long time as those 50% will be 60% and after a little time it will be easier that she has 80% of the power, which means that she is almost no longer interested in you, thus she is about to dump you.

On the other hand, it is the complete opposite when it comes to your situation. The more power she has, the less power you have, and the more you are interested in her.

How to get the power back in a relationship?

As you can see, it is not a good situation to be in, and the only exit from this disaster is to get your power share back which is a little bit more than half of the power.

Now the important question is: How you will actually get this power from her?

Men Weakest point

First, you have to know that your weakest point when it comes to women is your eye. Men are visual. They tend to be affected by looks, that’s why we men see more value in beautiful women than normal ones. That’s why our eyes are what makes us affected or in other words lose some of the power to the most beautiful women out there without even knowing single information about her.

What I am trying to say is that this is how we men are affected or get interested in a specific woman. In other words, this is how we lose our power for beautiful women for the sake of sex, because she is really beautiful.

If you manage to give less weight to women look, go beyond their looks, think of the woman as a potential partner more than a sex tool, then women will be deprived of their killer weapon in the power game.

Women weakest point

Contrarily to common beliefs, women are more logical when it comes to relationships than us, men. They use their mind more than us to decide whether a relationship is worth the effort and time or not.

Unlike men, women are NOT interested in the man for what he is. A Woman is more interested in the man for what he can do for her, and how he can make her happy.

Just like a weakest point in a man is his eye, a weakest point in a woman is her ear. Thus, the more you know what to say, the more she feels happy and more interested and even attached to you, and of course the more power you can have.

Learning the art of conversation with women can simply add a lot of weight to your attractiveness, and the good part it will make her more affected, and thus has less power than you.

Techniques to get the power back in a relationship

There are many techniques that are really effective and can help you get some power; however, you will face a problem determining the one to use. That is why I will tell you about a simple yet very effective technique that can be used in almost all the cases to help you get your power share back again.

The Mirroring Technique

It is a very simple technique. As from its name, it means that you do exactly as the woman does but in a way that suits you as a man. Here are some examples,

  • When a woman is not returning your calls, stop calling her until she does, then act as a challenge and appear busy.
  • When she starts flirting with other men, then do the same by flirting with other women.
  • When she shows less interest by not responding to what you say or so, then be silent for a while as if she is not even there.
  • Simply ignore her, when she ignores you.
  • If she even dumped you, start no contact.

As you can see, the mirroring technique is all about doing the same as your woman. It is very simple because she thinks about the techniques and you simply use it. So you do not even have to think about what you should do. Just let her plan and think, then imitate. All what you should do is to observe then mirror her. That’s it.  The only point here is to stick to the action more than she does, and I guarantee that you will have more power than her.

The little 4 year old sister concept

If someone would ask me about one single advice to succeed with women, then it would be “Treat her as if she is your little 4 year old sister”

This one only is enough to get you lots of power. When you apply this concept, you simply appear more mature, more confident, and you show that you can protect her, provide security, and deserve to be followed as you appear as leader. There are tons of benefits of this concept, but the one that I want to focus on here is that she will be more attached to you, and so has less power than you.

To summarize the whole story:

  • Control your weakest point which is your eye by giving less weight to looks in your overall evaluation for a specific woman.
  • Make use of women weakest point which is their ears by mastering the art of the conversation.
  • Use the mirroring technique.
  • Use the four year old concept .

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