How To Forget Your Ex Girlfriend

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When it comes to break ups, people are divided into two groups. The first group is those who suffer badly right after a break up.

They keep visiting the same places they visited with their ex. They keep listening to sad break up songs. They cannot sleep, and lose their appetite. They may even cry! I think that you know even more about this group because you may be one of them. Right?!

On the other hand, the second group of people is those who manage to move on after a break up. Their life does not stop after the break up.

They may experience some bad emotions. After all, they are humans, however they manage to control their bad emotions, and it is not a long time before they completely recover and fall in love again.

You cannot find them say something like “I cannot live without her” or even more crazy like “I’m going to commit a suicide!!”

By the way, they are not robots! They can experience the same love emotions as much as the first group, if not even more!

Yes the second group may experience even more love emotions. This is simply because they love their partners Not need them, as they have realistic expectations from their partners. Period.

Unlike the second group, the first group needs their partners more than they love them. They actually confuse their need to their partners with the real emotions of love.

The clearest proof is that they even suffer more after the break up, as the source they used to use to fill their need has been gone… You got it?

So what?

Actually, if you belong to the first group who suffer badly after a break up, then maybe it’s time to leave them and become a member of the second group who can love, but their lives do not stop after the breakup.

Now, how?? How can you become a member of the second group so you can forget your ex and break ups can never heart like before??

How To Forget Your Ex Girlfriend?

According to a previous article I wrote, I have said that anyone has to go through 5 stages of grief after a break up. Those stages are:

  • The Denial and Shock stage.
  • The Recovery stage.
  • The Anger stage.
  • The Bargaining and Depression stage.
  • The Acceptance stage.

So what does this have to do with forgetting your ex girlfriend?

Simply if you managed to finish all the stages, you will recover. In other words, forgetting your ex is all about reaching the recovery stage, because all what you want is recovery? Right?!

So, it is simple like this… If you want to forget your ex girlfriend, then hurry up and finish all the stages to reach the final stage which is the recovery.

You may be telling yourself, if it is that simple, so why cannot many guys get over break ups?!

In fact, the reason is that they cannot get pass those stages. While they are just five stages, you may stay in one stage like the bargaining stage, for example, for long months and even years.

So, if you want to forget your ex girlfriend, then go read the article: The 5 stages of grief after a break up if you have not done it yet, then come back here to learn how to get through those 5 stages.

How to get through the stages of grief after a break up and forget your ex girlfriend?

I am going to explain the most common obstacles you may face in each stage and that may prevent you from “leveling up” or passing to the next stage. I will also explain why you may return back to a certain stage after getting through it which sometimes cause the feeling that you are evolving in cycles that have no end and there is no hope to forget your ex.

So let’s start!

But again, you will never make use of the following advice if you did not read the article: The five stages of grief after a break up.

Getting Through The Denial and Shock Stage.

This is the easiest stage to get through. You do not have to do anything as you will pass it very fast.

 Getting Through The Anger Stage.

You are angry and may even thinking of revenge. Just remember that all what you want is that “you” must be happy, that’s why you loved your woman at the first place right?

Your goal is to be happy, do not forget that goal and try to make others sad!

All what you have to do is to adopt some kind of selfish mindset. Just think about your future not hers, and you know what? The best revenge you can ever do is to become even better. In such a case, you ex girlfriend will regret that she is no longer your girl.

Instead of letting this stage to make you forget your goals, just let it give you the power you need to change for better and let her regret it one day.

 Getting Through The Bargaining and Depression Stage.

As you may read in the article: stages of grief after a break up, that this is the most dangerous stage and the longest as well.

The reason people cannot get through this stage is that they keep bargaining, listening to sad break up songs and hold some hope that they may get together with the woman.

As you can see, anyone in this stage is no longer thinking of revenge, but they are imagining that they are with their exes again and the old wonderful days are back again.

As long as they keep imagining such things, listening to sad songs, watching romantic movies…etc,  they will never get pass this stage to the acceptance stage

All you have to do to get through this stage is that: whenever you feel the urge to think about your ex as if she is still your lover, then keep reassuring yourself that everything is over. She is no longer your lover or even your enemy. She is just like someone of your acquaintances. No more, No less.

 Getting Through The Acceptance Stage.

Well we have reached the final stage. It is now very easy to forget your ex girlfriend as long as you do not get back to the bargaining stage.

To avoid returning to the bargaining stage, you have to kill the little hope of getting back together with your ex.

You are just one step away from the recovery. Kill that hope inside you and you will recover. Just eliminate any chances by cutting it short and asking her.

For example, if something happened that made you think of as a “maybe” chance, then confront your woman and directly ask her.

Call her on the phone or even visit her and tell her that you are thinking of “bla bla bla” and this “bla bla bla” may pave the way for both of you to get back together, then say something like “so do you agree?” or “so what do you think?”

 But just few important things to care about:

  1. Any answer except for a clear yes is a clear no. Again any answer!! Do not fall in the hope or the “maybe” trap. This will take you back to the bargaining stage. You have been warned!
  2. Do not fall into the “let’s be friends trap” because she will use you to get over you while you are dreaming of the getting back together moment.
  3. You may think that by frankly asking her if it is over or not, you are forcing her to say that it’s over and so you are missing the chance of getting back, right?! Well I catch you now… why the hell you are even thinking of getting back?!! Not only are you thinking of getting back, but you are even very careful not to miss the chance!!  Get rid of this thinking pattern as long as you are really serious about forgetting her.

So.. You have arrived at the recovery phase… Congratulations!

Final words about forgetting your ex girlfriend

As you can see, forgetting your ex girlfriend is all about you. It has nothing to do with your girl, and it is based on the stages of grief scientific approach. And it has nothing to do with tantra mantra or even black magic :)

Break Me Free Program was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

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  1. Sanjay Das says:

    I loved my ex the most but by getting someone better than me she left me and went with him. I could not control myself and attemped suicide. But then also she did not care for me a little also. But still i love her the most. My love for her will never decrease.

    • Ali says:

      In fact, you do not love her (yes believe me), you simply cannot accept the rejection. You just want her to accept you which means that you are still attractive and appealing to the other sex. Try working on your self esteem and things will dramatically change in your favor… Just try, you have nothing to lose.

  2. Prince Kyle says:

    I love my ex so much and am finding it hard to let go because of all I did for her. She wants us to be just friends and its just difficult for me to remain just friends with her cos of the feelings I have for her.

  3. Carlos says:

    thanks, that really helped me!!

  4. Richard says:

    Thanks a lot!

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