How To Be a Brave Man?

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 The questions: How to be a brave man?, How to be brave and bold?, How to be brave in life?, and What should I do to become courageous? are all valid questions that are asked by many guys everyday.

We used to think of courage and braveness as the ability to face the beast, but unfortunately there are no beasts anymore.

Nowadays, being brave can not be like it was in the past…for example,you can not show that you are brave by facing dinosaurs or even being Sindbad as there is no dinosaurs or that huge creatures in these days, instead there are BIG problems.

What is Courage and how to be a courageous man?

People make a big mistake when they think of courageous people as people who do not fear anything.

There is no one who does not fear anything in the world simply because we all have things to lose and that’s why we have to be afraid of losing them.

While courageous and brave people are normal people and have many things to fear of, they keep moving in their way. They have some fears like any normal person, but the never let their fears control them and affect the way they act.

Being brave and courageous is not about being fearless, but it is about keeping moving even with those fears inside them.

How to be a brave man?

You are brave when you never run from fight. You do not have to necessarily win though.

You are brave when you express your opinion without fear.

You are brave when you look your enemies in the eye.

You are brave when you do not fear of trying things most people fear…

While all of the above are true meanings of being brave.. But there is one short and true definition of being brave which is the ability to face.

I do not care to face what or how tough your situation is, you just should have the ability to face whatever situation that others escape and run away from.

Men are classified into two groups; brave and coward.

When they do not like their body shape, brave men start working out at the gym to become more fit while those who are not brave escape the problem by being introvert and avoiding social situations or even by being addicted to some bad habits like over- eating.

When they have financial problems, people who are brave start to find another streams of income while those who are not brave escape the problem by lying to themselves and claiming that life is unfair!

when they got a breakup, men who are brave face the problem by deciding to get over the breakup or even getting back to their girlfriend (like men not kids) , while coward men start perceiving the breakup as the end of the world!

When they fail to achieve some thing, men who are brave start to try again and they keep trying until they finally reach their goals,  while those who are not brave escape the problem by lying to themselves and changing the goal itself or even cancel the whole idea.

Why you should be brave?

When some one who is brave encounters a problem, he decides to face that problem and Try to find a solution. Yes he is just trying because facing a problem does not necessarily mean that you will necessarily solve it.

So when you decide to face your problem and start to find a solution, you may succeed and you may fail to solve it this time and you have to try again…

Now, you may be telling yourself that it is better to escape the problem and because why should you face a problem that will not for sure be solved if you tried to solve it? Looks logic, right?

No, it is not ..Why?

If you think that by escaping your problems you will be safe then let me tell you that you are totally wrong because if you tried and failed then you still have one problem waiting to be solved, but if you escaped your problem then you still have the original problem beside those new created problems.

What do you mean by new created problems?

Well, let me explain…

When you decide to run and not to face your problem by lying to yourself and trying to convince yourself with false excuses, guess what happens?

You start believing in those false excuses and those false excuses will form very strong limiting beliefs, which will limit your potential and prevent you from reaching your goals or being brave in another situation.

On being brave

I will give you some tips to help you become brave:

  • Recognize the situation or your problem: Start the evaluation of the current situation.
  •  Admit that there is a problem: By doing this you are telling yourself that there is a problem and it must be faced.
  • Face it: As we have said, the brave one is the one who faces life problems and does not run away.
  • Be prepared to fail to solve it: Yes, you do not have to solve it especially when it is your first trial…All what you have to do is to try and to be persistent…That’s it!
  • Self confidence and your ability to express your opinions like a real man are obvious signs that you are brave and courageous because you are communicating in a socially confident way.

Just remember that to be brave, you have to choose not to run , not to lie to yourself and not to form false beliefs about the world and to stand your ground like a real man no matter what.

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  1. abdelrhman says:

    Really Informative topic i liked it particularly the part of acheiving goals you talked about my my situation in this topic is in between i face my problems but when i try and fail for two times i believe i can’t do that . . Thanks for sharing Ali

  2. Shiv@android says:

    it looks better when we heard some advice from some one . but we are not able to follow all the advice given by someone I am brave or not I’ll check , After reading your post i realize that i should try this. Thanks for Post!

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