How To Be Bold And Confident?

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If you are serious about being bold and confident then you have to understand one simple fact: being confident is all about developing the habit of being bold and confident, so do not expect to be the most confident man on the planet overnight…you need to be patient and persistent.

On the other hand, do not get me wrong. Building your self confidence is not that so difficult. Absolutely it is easy but you have to have the necessary knowledge, to apply the necessary techniques and finally to give yourself enough time to see some good results.

How To Be Bold And Confident?

 As I told you, there is nothing like a magical bill that you can take and become confident. This is simply because confidence comes from within. It is generated inside you and YOU are the source of your own self confidence.

For now, until you build your self confidence and as a quick fix, you have to fake it till you manage to make it. Here are some useful tips to start applying to feel confident right now:

1-Take enough space.

Yes, Do not act like a shy kid..You are a man and you have to respect this man and be proud of it…you do not have something to hide so why do you put yourself into a shell!

2-Do not put your hands into your pockets.

This is another girly attitude , so never do it…Whenever you find that you do it, quickly get hem out of your pockets.

3-Do not pay a lot of attention to people around you.

If you are in a public place, do not think that every one around you is watching you, do not even try to check if they do or not…every one has his own problems and even if there is some one who is watching you, chances are he is a sick guy or he thinks that he has seen you before…any way, it does not matter.

4- Walk slowly with wide steps.

Think about it, if you are a confident man and you know what you are doing now and what to do for the next step, so why do you run ?!!

5- Walk and stand up tall with a straight body.

Do not lean and remember..confident men take enough space..

6- Do not give a lot of weight to people’s opinion about you.

Yes, take their opinion into your consideration but be aware that you know more than any one about yourself , there is only one case in which you should listen to people and give their opinion a lot of weight…you know when? When they are all happy…when they manage to solve their own problems!  if you can find someone who does not have any problem then follow him, otherwise why do you let someone who can not handle his own problems, lower your self esteem! Do not let them do, and whenever someone lower your self esteem , remember that he even can not solve his own problems!!

7- Learn the some basics of confidence body language, here is some of them:

  • Make eye contact with every one you are talking but do not stare as well. Also never break away until the other person does.
  • Have a strong, firm handshake..You are a man and you have to shake hands like a man, but also you do not have to break the other person’s arm to show it.
  • Smile! Smile! Smile! that’s it!
  • Don’t cross your arms or legs and keep your shoulders up.

8- Dress well and groom yourself well.

If you are over weight, then make a diet. if you are skinny, start working out at the gym. Have a new hair cut and a cool after shave. wear a man-enough cologne. Buy some new and stylish clothes, you do not have to buy the most expensive.. just take time to choose them…All of will not only dramatically boost your self esteem, but also will make you a better one.

9- Learn and play chess.

Playing chess can be very useful when it comes to increasing your self confidence and boldness as in every move you make, you have to make a decision and take a risk. Another thing is that by playing chess, you will have a strong parity and personality. As being an experienced chess player, I want to advice you of three important things

  • Play with the white pieces whenever possible, as you will learn that the white pieces play first, and the always take the attack position.
  • Never feel bad or disappointed if you lost one of your games… there is no one who wins all his matches, even the grandmasters.
  • Just remember that chess is just a game, so do not play chess too seriously and never be aggressive.

10- Give yourself a time limit.

To help you avoid “Analysis Paralysis”, you should give yourself a predefined time limit                        when you consider making decisions. This can also perfectly achieved by playing chess. And once you have reached your time limit, just take the action, whatever it is!

11- Stretch your comfort zone by adopting the “yes” mindset.

Never make your default “no, I am not interested”. Give your self the chance to try new things, have new hobbies, visit new places and have new friends.

12- Read Useful and inspiring Books.

All the above was about practical advice, however you should take care also of the theoretical advice that help you understand your problems, so you have to read useful articles and books about how to be confident.

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