How Do I Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back?! A Lesson By A Two-Year Old Baby

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How do i get my ex-girlfriend back. A lesson by a two-year old baby

I used to ask myself the question: How How Do I Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back? right after any break up until i have read a very interesting story that taught me a valuable lesson. In this article i will tell you the story as well as the lessons we can learn from it.

A group of psychologists have conducted an experiment on a two year old baby. The baby had many games and toys to play with. They picked a toy that the baby actually ignored for a long time and took it from the baby. In fact the baby preferred many other toys over that one that the psychologists have chosen, and the baby was not playing with that toy when they took the it from the baby playing room.

The reaction of the baby when they took the toy was really shocking. Not only the little baby girl desired the toy more than any other toy, but she was crying in a hysterical way.

After a while the psychologists gave the toy back to the little girl again. They expected that the baby girl would appreciate the toy more than any other toy because of her crying attitude when the toy was taken from her..

Again the little baby girl reaction was shocking. After less than ten minutes, the baby has thrown the toy and completely forgot about it as if she was not crying ten minutes ago, and started to play with other toys again like before.

One of the psychologists picked the toy and offered it again to the baby. The funny part is that the baby refused to take the toy to play with it again. The psychologist did not stop and tried to convince the baby to play again with the toy, which made the baby too annoyed to the extent that she has started to cry again!

Now, what does this have to do with getting your ex-girlfriend back? What is the lesson that you can learn from the above story?

Well.. Your story is very similar to the little girl story. You are the toy, and your girlfriend is the little baby that is now ignoring the toy and it seems that she has no desire for it anymore.

So if your girlfriend has dumped you (the baby ignores the toy), then all what you have to do is to take the toy from her i.e. let your girlfriend miss you.

Being too available for your girlfriend/wife may be the main cause she has ignored you or dumped you, and in order to get her want you again, you have to let her experience the pain of loss (missing the toy).

The above story gives you many important lessons that not only will help you get your girl back, but also keep her attracted and attached to you. The following few lines will explain the most important lesson you have to learn from that story.

How do i get my ex-girlfriend back?

According to the story,

  • Never become available too much for her. By being too available for her she may ignore you. It is our human nature to appreciate what we cannot have.
  • Act as a challenge. Have other “stand by” women in your life. By being a challenge, you are subconsciously telling her that you have another life, another women competing with her to win your love, and actually many other hobbies and interests rather than her. When she realizes this kind of competition (the toy may be lost at any time), she will always do her best to win your love.
  • If you have already been dumped (the baby already is ignoring the toy), then

 - Never try to beg or to convince her to get back with you. You will actually be doing the same when the psychologist tried to convince the baby to play with the toy again.You will push her more and make her more annoyed of you.

 - Start no contact right now. But let her know. The point here is to dump her like she dumped you and to let her experience the pain of losing you and missing you in her life. But she must be aware that you are in no contact. In the above story, if the little baby did not notice the psychologists when they took the toy, the baby would have not cried. Why? Because she was already ignoring the toy, and when the toy is missing, the baby may not even notice it.

So, it is not just about starting no contact, but it is also about letting your girl know about it. This way, you are telling her that she has lost you and you are no longer interested in her, which will harm her ego and she will want you badly more than you can expect.

 - After getting her back, never become too available as I explained before. By doing this, she will start ignoring you (the toy) again. So learn from the past mistakes and never do the same mistake twice.

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  1. Mike says:

    Yes, so true. Humans want what they can’t have hardcore. It’s like a biological yearning.
    Great post!

  2. Maurice says:

    I agree that playing hard to get may be a good strategy to get your partner back. But there is also the possibility that by keeping the distance, your partner may also decide to keep it that way. If you decide to do this, you need to be ready for a permanent separation, if it should get to that point. It should be a risk you are willing to take.

    • Ali says:

      Hi Maurice,
      I completely agree with you that you should not PLAY hard to get, because actually you should BE hard to get. And for the risk, i believe that by risking nothing, you are risking everything. We men have to be more powerful than women, and if a woman is willing to walk, then what’s the point of chasing her :)

      Thanks Maurice for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Lh says:

    Hi Ali,
    I wish could stumble on yr blog many months ago!! I loved and gives accurate ways of behaving as gentlemen and as brave one.
    I was dumped by my GF (future wife) and the reason is simply I become no longer attractive as before. So I made mistakes: I beg, sent flowers etc… I have to say that I was in desperate state (the divorce with my ex wife, the death of my brother and some financial problems) I know I should face these as a brave man and tried but I had moments of weakness as human. So, she noticed all that and she becomes less interested!
    I sent her on December 7th, 2013 a text message telling her that it’s over and I wish her all the best and i wrote in that message that she is strong and I like this character in her (which means in some way that I am not as strong as she is!!!) December 31st, I sent her a message wishing her happy new year and she answered right away but since then I really applied a NC (and it’s ongoing.) I worked on myself and did a lot of projects during these months.
    In fact I really miss her and I am planning to send her a message on May 28, her birthday. I need your advice.
    Many thanks Ali.

    • Ali says:

      So you want me to tell you either to send her a message on her next birthday or not? right??

      Anyway, i liked the way you understand your problem but you have to make sure that you improve yourself for the sake of yourself not for her sake! I hope that you are not doing all this improving just to appeal to her and if this is the case then you still have to work on yourself confidence until it no longer matter whether she likes the “new you” or not. Change is fine when you want to change for your sake not to be approved from someone else.

      Make sure that of that first then if you feel like you still want to message her then message her, and of course you do not need me to remind you to stay cool, confident, and strong.
      Hint: how do you know that you are not trying to get approved by her?? If you still see her that so strong woman, then you have to work on your self confidence because THERE IS NO STRONG WOMAN, INSTEAD THERE IS A WEAK MAN.

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