9 Tips To Get Over a Breakup!

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“How to get over a break up?”  This is the most important question if you are tired of your ex, doesn’t it?!

Relation means a lot for an individual. Therefore, break up at relationship is not a pleasant thing for anyone. It causes sadness and depression, sorrow and loneliness. Sometimes it takes a long time to heal the pain.

However, it is the best to forget the past and just move forward. However, honestly it is not that simple to move on because those emotions don’t let us go easily. So let’s see some measures that can help us to get over a break up.

If you want to move on forgetting all the sorrows you have, then you are the one who can help with that.  You need to master your own mind to get over the break up faster. So, here are some tips that you should carry out for a faster get over:

How To Get Over A Breakup?!

Tip#1. Don’t keep yourself alone.

After a breakup, most of the people want to stay away from friends and family, in a lonely world. It just makes things worse. It allows your sorrowful memories to take you on surrounding. Thus it becomes almost impossible to get over the pain. So don’t keep yourself separate from the world you live in. Stay with friends and family.

Tip#2. Be an open heartened.

Don’t try to lock your emotions in. This will make you feel lonely. Share your feelings with your near and dear one. Those who love you will unlock their hurt to make you forget the sorrow and you will feel better.

Tip#3. Maintain a self-care schedule.

It is very important to take care of yourself while dealing with the break up. Go to gym or jogging or morning walk, swim, sleep, cook, eat etc. You may feel less motivated for shopping, preparing meals, eating, bathing after a breakup. But don’t let these happen. Push yourself to these works. It will reduce your depression and let you come in a normal life.

Tip#4. Do your favorite things.

Hobbies are a good way to deal with your sadness and loneliness. Visit at your favorite places, play your favorite games or do your favorite works. It can be fishing or playing football, just let yourself do the things you like.

Tip#5. Avoid overworking.

Some may say that keeping yourself busy at work can distract the sorrow and pain of breaking up. Well may be it can as you are too busy with your work. But it just allows you to avoid the pain, don’t let you progress with it. So keep working like you always do and save times for your other activities like social interaction, playing, reading, visiting or self caring.

Tip#6. Deal with the pain you are in.

I know that you can’t run from those pains that easily. So give sometime with those sour memories of yours. But don’t just lose yourself in it, try to acknowledge it. Remember that you are a good person and you are not the only one who made mistakes, may be your partner was not the one you need.

Tip#7. Beware of rebound.

I saw many people who involve them in an unhealthy rebound relationship just to avoid the pain from the previous one. This brings no good. Sometime it revives the pain that you want to get over. Better is meet new people, make new friends and let the relationship built by own.

Tip#8. Seek for professional help.

If you can’t get rid of your pain by your own, you can go for the help of a professional. Many hesitate to go for a therapist. But nothing is more important than getting over the break up for you. You may feel guilt, responsible for the break up, so talk with the specialist.

Tip#9. Don’t try to get back together with your ex again.

If you have reached at the decision to get rid of your ex then it is not wise trying again to get back together with your ex. The false believes like ‘I can’t live without him or her’ is not true. You were happy before you met your ex, and you can become happy in near future without your ex, too.

While it is not easy to get over an ex, with a little bit of strong determination and applying the proper steps, you can get rid of it.

This is a guest post by my friend Alan Sahu. Alan writes about psychology, love, and relationship advice. You can also see Alan’s other posts for Relationshippa here.

Break Me Free Program was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

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  1. These are great tips. I would also add to give it time. You aren’t going to get over your ex overnight. Likewise, if it’s been 3 months, it isn’t the end of the world. Depending on how long the relationship was/how in love you were, it may take you some time to get over the ex. Just accept that it will take time and continue to work on improving yourself.
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