Serious Relationship Advice For Smart Men Thu, 03 Oct 2013 22:43:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 9 Tips To Get Over a Breakup! Wed, 19 Jun 2013 18:51:37 +0000 Read More » ]]> “How to get over a break up?”  This is the most important question if you are tired of your ex, doesn’t it?!

Relation means a lot for an individual. Therefore, break up at relationship is not a pleasant thing for anyone. It causes sadness and depression, sorrow and loneliness. Sometimes it takes a long time to heal the pain.

However, it is the best to forget the past and just move forward. However, honestly it is not that simple to move on because those emotions don’t let us go easily. So let’s see some measures that can help us to get over a break up.

If you want to move on forgetting all the sorrows you have, then you are the one who can help with that.  You need to master your own mind to get over the break up faster. So, here are some tips that you should carry out for a faster get over:

How To Get Over A Breakup?!

Tip#1. Don’t keep yourself alone.

After a breakup, most of the people want to stay away from friends and family, in a lonely world. It just makes things worse. It allows your sorrowful memories to take you on surrounding. Thus it becomes almost impossible to get over the pain. So don’t keep yourself separate from the world you live in. Stay with friends and family.

Tip#2. Be an open heartened.

Don’t try to lock your emotions in. This will make you feel lonely. Share your feelings with your near and dear one. Those who love you will unlock their hurt to make you forget the sorrow and you will feel better.

Tip#3. Maintain a self-care schedule.

It is very important to take care of yourself while dealing with the break up. Go to gym or jogging or morning walk, swim, sleep, cook, eat etc. You may feel less motivated for shopping, preparing meals, eating, bathing after a breakup. But don’t let these happen. Push yourself to these works. It will reduce your depression and let you come in a normal life.

Tip#4. Do your favorite things.

Hobbies are a good way to deal with your sadness and loneliness. Visit at your favorite places, play your favorite games or do your favorite works. It can be fishing or playing football, just let yourself do the things you like.

Tip#5. Avoid overworking.

Some may say that keeping yourself busy at work can distract the sorrow and pain of breaking up. Well may be it can as you are too busy with your work. But it just allows you to avoid the pain, don’t let you progress with it. So keep working like you always do and save times for your other activities like social interaction, playing, reading, visiting or self caring.

Tip#6. Deal with the pain you are in.

I know that you can’t run from those pains that easily. So give sometime with those sour memories of yours. But don’t just lose yourself in it, try to acknowledge it. Remember that you are a good person and you are not the only one who made mistakes, may be your partner was not the one you need.

Tip#7. Beware of rebound.

I saw many people who involve them in an unhealthy rebound relationship just to avoid the pain from the previous one. This brings no good. Sometime it revives the pain that you want to get over. Better is meet new people, make new friends and let the relationship built by own.

Tip#8. Seek for professional help.

If you can’t get rid of your pain by your own, you can go for the help of a professional. Many hesitate to go for a therapist. But nothing is more important than getting over the break up for you. You may feel guilt, responsible for the break up, so talk with the specialist.

Tip#9. Don’t try to get back together with your ex again.

If you have reached at the decision to get rid of your ex then it is not wise trying again to get back together with your ex. The false believes like ‘I can’t live without him or her’ is not true. You were happy before you met your ex, and you can become happy in near future without your ex, too.

While it is not easy to get over an ex, with a little bit of strong determination and applying the proper steps, you can get rid of it.

This is a guest post by my friend Alan Sahu. Alan writes about psychology, love, and relationship advice. You can also see Alan’s other posts for Relationshippa here.

Break Me Free Program was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

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5 Costly Mistakes Women Make That Pull Men Away Completely Thu, 06 Jun 2013 22:04:25 +0000 Read More » ]]> Has this ever happened to you?…

You met with a man that looked like the best man in the world, he was also impressed with everything or at least many thins about you, he requested that you go out together, he bought you some candies and red colored gifts,  may be, he later proposed to you and of course you said YES. He call and speak with you all the time with that gentle loving voice, he did everything to show you he loved you so much.

Suddenly, there is a shift; he started behaving strange. It looked like he was pulling away from you. You wonder where those early excitement have gone, and why they’re gone so soon.


What have I done wrong? You’d ask yourself.

Sooner, you’d begin to tie everything to bad luck, men are bad, they’re cheaters, etc.

This is a common trend among women. I see most women falling in the trap over and over again. And the problem is they keep relating with men the same old boring ways.

Don’t you think it’s crazy to keep putting your hand in a burning stove and assume that it’s not going to hurt you the 3rd time?

That’s why you need to understand men and do something in a different way.

Wouldn’t it be great to know those few thing men wish their women have or don’t have, so that you will easily find your way straight into your man’s heart?

What if you don’t have to worry again about losing your dream man?

How about you been able to capture your man’s heart and make him love you, treasure you, and value you as if he will die if he pulls away from you?

This is entirely possible if you know the basic reasons why men pull away. I mean their likes and dislikes.

Now, let’s go into it.

So What Are The Reasons Men Pull Away Completely From Women They Claimed They Love?

Most women make a lot of costly mistakes, especially when they notice their man is keeping distance; and instead of making things better, it becomes worse. They find themselves in the dating graveyard. Now let’s take a look at those mistakes, so that you’d know from now what not to do in your relationship.

Why men pull away!

1. Begging Him Not To Leave When You Notice He Wants To Leave

Yes, you read that right. I guess what you want in your relationship is not really the man, but the happiness and fulfillment you can find through him.

When you find yourself with a man who seem to be uncommitted to your relationship at any point in time, you may think it’s normal to convince him not to leave you, or to start begging him to forgive you of any of your offence that’s making him pull away.

Of course it’s a good thing to apologize for an offence committed in your relationship, but not to the tune of begging the man to stay with you whether you were wrong or right.

When you notice your man is just pulling away without enough understanding of the reason for his decision, it is dangerous for you to want to pull him back by force with your apology.

Begging him too much will take every of your power in the relationship away. It exposes your low esteemed self and  your feelings of insecurity. That’s not going to help you anyway.

The reason is he’s not really making that decision on his original feelings towards you, he’s probably going through an emotional process that can’t be convinced in haste. Instead, wait and watch the circumstance to have it’s way.

If he eventually moves away, he’s probably not meant for you in the first place.

I guessed you wouldn’t want to be with a man who feels forced, or convinced into the relationship. You want a man that is naturally convinced and ready to be committed to you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

2. Over Expressing Yourself

It is natural to feel bad when a man you loved and believed he loved you suddenly start to pull away. Because of this, you may want to express yourself as much as you can in  order to make him feel bad about his decision; or thinking that when you express your mind, he will share his mind in return.

Belief me or not, it doesn’t work this way with men. Of course there is nothing bad in sharing your feelings with your man, but when you do that and expect him to share his mind in return, you’d probably be leading yourself into serious frustration. 98% of men will never share their original feelings this way.

When a man is pulling away for whatever reason, he’s probably going through an emotional process that is certain to have a retrace if you allow that. No matter what you’ve done that caused him to want to leave, their would be a time he will have a rethink within his mind.

Men need to be given time when going through this process, over-expressing yourself is going to make them overly emotional and won’t work.

3. Trying to Lead The Talk

Even when the man doesn’t want to talk about the issue, you might think the next best thing is to force him into discussion and try to say every possible thing to convince him of the reason you both have to be together, or the reason you’re meant for each other.

Sharply perish the thought “baby girl”! It doesn’t work.

This is because, men don’t just chose to be committed because a woman ask for it. It is a natural thing that can never be manipulated. The reason for that comes naturally, it doesn’t have to be forced; or else, you’ll be driving them away further.

4. Being Pushy into the future

Almost every woman think that if the relationship is going well, their man wouldn’t have a reason to pull away, they’d be happy to stay in the relationship. Because of this, they start pushing forward ahead of the man into the future, they start talking about what their man has never thought of.

Guess what’s likely to happen next……

The man would feel over-obliged, he’s likely to stop making plans with you, he may even because of this start dating another woman out their.

Few men will move on with this though, but you need to take things easy. Let their decision be natural and not forced. Here is what I mean, let them naturally see the reason they have to do whatever you wished they do. Don’t push your man away with unrealistic expectation.

5. Treating Your Man As You’d Love To Be Treated

Haha! That’s another bang on you. But, before you shake your head in disagreement, please read on.

How many times have you heard the adage that says “treat others as you’d love to be treated”? may be once, twice, or many time.

Please keep this away from your relationship with men.

Hope you understand what I mean? It is good thing to be nice to your man, so that he will be nice to you. But one thing that is very important in relationship is the understanding of each others’ needs and ability to do them.

If you decide to treat your man the way you’d love to be treated, what if he doesn’t like those thing? What if he prefer you do some other things with him than those things you assumed he would like?

This is what you need to understand, if you want to have success with men and get them stay with you, you’ve got to study and understand their needs instead of trying to force your interest on them. Got it?!! OK..

I can continue to list the reasons why men pull away from their women to infinity, but the above are the most critical and common ones you need to understand when you find yourself in the situation.

This is a Guest post by my friend Lise Banker. Banker is the founder of Relationship Advice Centre and a trusted expert in the world of dating and relationship, he recently wrote how to get a guy to commit and love you forever on his blog with some powerful tips that can’t be found anywhere else.

You can visit his blog

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8 Killer Signs Of Rebound Relationships And How To Avoid Them! Fri, 31 May 2013 18:57:24 +0000 Read More » ]]> “I love you Ali. Actually I am deeply in love with you!” she said it lots of times to the extent that I started to believe her.

At the beginning, I swollen the bait and thought it was the best relationship I have ever had, but I noticed some signs later that made me doubt the fact that she was in love with me.. So, I decided to wait for the next red flag.

The problem was that while I was waiting for that red flag, I started to fall in love with her, but fortunately it did not take me a lot of time to spot that she is nothing more than a rebounder and that she just needs me not loves me.

This was my story with a rebounder girlfriend and in the following lines I will summarize the main sings of a rebound relationship that I noticed myself and that let me know that the girl I thought of as “the one” was just in need for a rebound relationship to get over her ex!

Before I tell you about those signs, I just want to make sure that you understand that there is no problem at all to get into a relationship with a rebounder provided that you know what you are doing, however avoiding it means avoiding the risk of being used by the rebounder, so after all it is a rebound relationship … it may work but most of times they do not work, so if you want to take the risk, then it is no shame but it’s up to you.

Now, here are the signs..

Signs of a rebound relationship

  • Too much talk about his/her ex.

This is a very obvious sign. The rebounder does not miss any chance to talk about his/her ex. So it would be a good test to bring the talk about older relationships and see what his/her reaction.

  • Avoiding talking about the ex.

Unlike the previous sign, some rebounders avoid to talk about their exes and this is simply because of their emotional wound and the pain that could be caused when such a conversation starts.

  • They seem to be self-centered.

Another obvious sign is when you try to talk about yourself. Rebounders have excessive need for someone to hear them and ease the emotional pain the gained from older relationships, so when you try to talk about yourself or about a situation that happened to you, you will find that the seem to be less interested and sometimes they may try to say something like “this reminds me of …” and start saying something about their own life or experience.

  • Having a needy attitude and being always in a hurry.

Rebounders and especially men have a blatant needy attitude. They want to take the relationship for the next stage in a very quick attitude and this is simply because they want the relationship with you (the rebound) to be exactly like their old lovers or exes.

Trying to call you many times or too much text messages are all valid examples.

  • Craving for attention.

My ex used to ask me to tell her how important she was for me. She used to say things like “ I miss you” so that I say “I also miss you too much” and if I did not say it, then she says : “Hey, tell me that you miss me as well J ”

  • They rarely ask questions about you!

If someone is interested in you, then do not you think that it would be logic that you find him/her asking you about every small detail about yourself and your life?! Seems logic right?? But rebounders are way different than this.

Rebounders always focus on their need for you or for what you provide or compensate them with, so they simply do not care about you or how you live your life. It simply does not matter for them.

After I ended this relationship, I was shocked that the girl almost know nothing about me while I know many things about her as she was always talking about herself.

  • No vision for the future.

Ask a rebounder about how he/she sees the future of both of you together and they will have no clear answer or simply a fake one.

Is there any plan for any kind of serious action about the relationship or the rebounder is just concentrating about the real moment and what he/she can get from it??

And it seems like they do not want to discuss the details or talk about it. They simply are not serious enough about you.

  • Asking to be friends after being lovers.

This is a special case as the rebounder is your lover or you can say that your lover decided to end the relationship and it is hard for him/her to do it but instead he/ she starts a rebound relationship with someone else, your lover asks you to be friends after being in love with them, so if this is your case then know for sure that they want to use you to get over you, or in other words, they want to use you as a rebound.

Final Words

The above signs can definitely help you avoid being used by a rebounder; however, one sign is not enough and you have to further investigate the matter so if you encounter one sign the it is the first red flag and if you find a second sign then it is the second red flag and so on until you become sure and then make a decision to end this rebound relationship or it’s up to you to continue if you know what you are doing and if you think there is hope to transform this rebound relationship into a normal relationship with a true love.

Break Me Free Program was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

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The Importance Of Self Confidence! Wed, 17 Apr 2013 23:35:31 +0000 Read More » ]]> Recently, I have received an email from a guy who told me that he likes this relationship advice blog and asked why I am writing about self confidence and not dedicating all my time and efforts talking and writing about relationship advice and psychology instead. After all, what is the importance of self confidence and is it that so important to the extent that I dedicate a certain a category in the blog for self confidence advice?!

Well, let’s see what relationship advice is all about first, then we will see what is the relationship between self confidence and relationship advice.

Relationship advice and the importance of self confidence

Relationship advice is divided into three main parts.:

1-  Advice before the relationship: which talks about attraction, dating, and how to find and attract your soul mate.

2-  Advice during the relationship: this is the kind of advice regarding improving communication between couples and eliminating conflicts.

3-  Advice after the relationship: This is where breakup advice comes. It is either regarding getting your ex back or getting over her/him.

So what does this have to do with the importance of self confidence?

Importance of self confidence before the relationship

When you are single and watching couples loving each other everywhere you may feel bad. This is very obvious when Valentine’s day comes and you find yourself lonely. Now, if you are self confident, then you will not attach your self worth to being single or in a relationship. In other words you will not think that you are strange or not attractive enough to be in a relationship and will never think of things like that there is no one who can find you attractive enough to make a relationship with you. Things like these never happen to confident people.

Another thing is that when you find your dream girl and try to approach her, you have to be confident and never come as clingy, insecure or needy otherwise you will lose her forever. All the pickup lines will never work for you if you are not confident enough to walk and talk to the woman you like.

Also, in the case of one sided love, if you are not confident enough to take the risk and approach the woman you love, you will remain stuck into this situation forever.

As you can see, self confidence is extremely important to simply get you into a relationship.

Importance of self confidence during  the relationship

During a relationship (understanding stage and the power struggle stage) things go up and down. There are many conflicts and arguments that will face every couple. Let’s consider Jealousy as an example.

Ask any Psychology expert about the reason of jealousy and they will tell you that the main reason behind jealousy is lack of self confidence. In other words, if a man is self confident and not insecure, he will not become jealous of his woman’s exes or other men in her life like her colleagues in work or whoever. This will actually dramatically decrease the amount of endless arguments between couples.

Another obvious and common example is when your woman criticizes you about anything either it be big or small, then if you are insecure you will make a big deal of it, however if you are confident and you are sure of who you are then you will treat her like your 4 year old sister and consider it a normal mood swing that all women have :)

I think it is now very obvious that self confidence is extremely important to avoid many conflicts and for a relationship to continue.

Importance of self confidence after the end of the relationship.

If self confidence is important before the relationship and during the relationship then it is very very very important ( cannot stress this anymore ) after the end of the relationship or in other words after the breakup.

In my article what to do after a breakup, I have said that the first thing to do is to work on improving your self confidence and this is simply because the reason most people suffer after a breakup is not because missing your ex, but because of the rejection itself and so attaching your self worth to the fact that you have been dumped or rejected.

In most scenarios, working on your self confidence and self esteem will at least help ease the pain resulting from the breakup and in many cases, this alone can help you completely get over the breakup.

Even if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you will need to be very cool and confident especially if you are applying the no contact rule.

Conclusion about the importance of self confidence

I think the importance of self confidence for a relationship advice blog is now very clear, and when I dedicate a whole category to self confidence in this relationship advice blog, I am actually writing about a very important and related topic which can make or break your relationship and your whole love life.

Now I will do my homework and write more posts about self confidence and you also should do your homework by working on your self confidence and building a higher self esteem right now.

Eduard Ezeanu is the author of the Social Confidence Program, in which he explains how to eliminate your shyness and have a killer self esteem. Not only the program will dramatically boost your self esteem, but also it will tell you the reasons behind your low self esteem and how to overcome them using very simple but effective techniques that REALLY WORK!! You can Click Here to watch a Free Presentation now.

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Top 100 Relationship Blogs To Follow In 2013 Sat, 09 Mar 2013 18:18:52 +0000 Read More » ]]> This is a great info-graphic by guys. This info-graphic includes the top 100 relationship advice blogs that you can visit and follow in 2013 ranked according to their twitter followers number and facebook fans.

While is listed at number 64, i decided to publish this info-graphic so that you can get to know and visit other useful relationship advice blogs. If you believe that deserves a better ranking than this, then please help me and like facebook page and/or follow me on twitter.

Top 100 Relationship blogs to follow

If you liked this list, then please like facebook page and follow me on twitter in order to stay updated.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit

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Naughty Texting – Vintage Style Tue, 05 Mar 2013 22:41:30 +0000 Read More » ]]> This is a guest post by my friend Alan, in which he shares his own tips and techniques on how to effectively flirt with a girl over text.

Generations to generation people get flirty and naughty by none other than love letters, greetings and now-a-days chats, tweets, watsapp or even Facebook updates. One of my old friend proposed his girlfriend via a long 2-3 pages love letter which is still there with her. They are the most romantic couple I have ever seen.  So let me share with you few tips and tricks on flirting and texting:

How to flirt with a girl over text!

First of all, keep it simple, polite and innocent

Simpler you keep, Easier it gets to lure a girl in a long conversation. Longer the conversation, Longer the time you get to spend with a girl (without trying too hard). Longer the time you spend with the girl, longer are the chances for a DATE ;)

Secondly it should be straight from the heart

Jjust like an arrow purging from your heart – While you are chatting or texting her, Make her feel like she is the next target of love cupids.

Try pulling her leg on some topic (but never bring in weight or age topics)

When she starts falling for you, make her feel jealous (little bit jealousy is naughty J ) by making up stories about some girl from work or from neighbourhood. Tease her, about the dress she wore or the small glitches she does in typing in a cute manner.

Take interest in her interests and hobbies: Try to know her and express her views about her interests, life, career etc and you will few points to flirt. Like if she says “I want to be Miss World” you should say and text her “You are Miss World for me”.

Keep on using cute smileys

Download or learn few special smiles which she is unaware of, like for facebook :putnam: (^^^) etc.  Using the smileys depends on the mood of the girl. Most of the girls like cute teddies and hearts but few tomboyish can be impressed by cool bikes and hand knuckle smileys too.

Use few nicknames

Depending on the status of your relationship, you can use various nicknames.
Deep in love: call her by your favourite actress. (As you understand each other)
Falling in love: try using simple and safe one like Sweety, Tweety or even my wonder woman or catwoman :P.
Starting a conversation: invent your own nicknames. Like I call one of my colleague as Excel Killer as she is good with Microsoft excel.

After some leg pulling its time to appreciate and lure her in your talks

she will be all giggles over even on your leg pulling – Now it is time for some appreciation, her eyes, lips, hair, her beautiful smile etc etc.

Now comes the MISS YOU part

Even if you have been away from her for five minute’s text her that you are already missing her or if she is your colleague and did not come for work. Explain her how horrible the day was at work or in college.

Last but not the least

If she gets angry or sad on some of your silly jokes quickly accept your mistake and apologies, there is no point arguing.
Most importantly try to change the topic ask her about the work or some funny movie story or few funny moments of yours for the way out. Never leave the conversation on a bad note.

According to the current stats, around 70 to 80% of communication takes place via texting, so one should know the skill of how to flirt with girls over text, and remember that there is no age limit for flirting ;) . Enjoy Flirting!

Famous dating coaches Bobby Rio and Rob Jack created the magnetic messaging course in which they teach the secrets of effective messaging using specific sequence of magnetic text messages called The Key Lock Sequence. You might want to watch their free video presentation in which they reveal some of their secrets and explain the key lock technique.

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Love at First Sight 101 Mon, 11 Feb 2013 21:39:16 +0000 Read More » ]]> love at first sight or love from first sight is one of the so generic and confusing topics ever. In the past, i used to get confused when thinking about love at first sight, but when i asked some of my friends (who were confused too), some of them told me that there is nothing like love at first sight “Ali, you cannot fall in love with someone while knowing nothing about them” and seemed logic until others told me the complete opposite thing.

They said that “Okay Ali, if there is nothing like love at first sight, how would you explain what happened with our friends (let’s call them Sam and Sarah) who fall in love at first sight and are married right now?!!”

I got even more confused, but thanks to evolutionary psychology and after many years, i discovered the fact and i am going to tell you about it just right now in this article.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

So you are walking in the street when your eyes suddenly see that gorgeous girl. You drop your jaw and feel like the whole world has stopped for a while in which you think that you have finally found your soul mate or the one.

This may happen to some people but not to all of them and whether this has happened to you or not, I am sure that you do believe in love at first sight to some extent. The question is: Why love at first sight happens to some people while it never happens to others? And why do some people deny its existence while others believe in it and even defend it all the time?!

The answer is very simple yet needs some kind of understanding the process of falling in love itself.

Falling in love at first sight and your subconscious mind check list.

People do not fall in love the same way or out of the same reasons. Yes they all want someone who completes them and can fill there unmet needs, but those needs are not the same right?

According to everyone’s own needs, he or she will unconsciously make a list of items that must be in his/her potential partner. This list has been formed through your life and heavily affected by your past experiences, background, social class, look, religious views and own beliefs.

This list is not written, but your unconscious mind knows it very clearly.

If the criteria or list items are so tightened, you will hardly find a potential partner.

If the list items can easily exist in one person, you will find many potential mates.

If the list items, are heavily based on things that can be realized at the first sight like beauty, looks, and social class, then you will fall in love with that person at first sight.

Let’s see some examples to understand this.

Example #1: Harry, the poor guy.

Harry was raised in a poor family. He always wanted to become rich and to live like rich men. Hence, his subconscious mind records this emotions (that Harry wants to live like rich men) and so the first item in Harry’s subconscious mind list for his potential woman would be something like “She must be rich” or “She must be raised in a rich family”. Now, if Harry saw a beautiful woman or even an average looking one driving a Ferrari and wearing very expensive clothes and then this woman went and talked to him about any topic while she is smiling, then chances are that Harry will madly fall in love with the rich lady even without knowing a single piece of information about her.

Of course, the process of falling in love is not that simple because the subconscious mind list includes many items and not that one or two, but suppose that our friend Harry’s check list is something like:

  • She must be rich
  • She must be beautiful (after all he is a man)
  • She must be humble, modest and kind. (This will ensure that she will not reject him and accept him because she does not judge people by their social class or the car they are driving!!)

If the above list is Harry’s list, then I am sure that he will madly fall in love with that rich, beautiful, and humble lady.

Example #2: John, an average looking guy with a poor self-image.

John was an average looking guy. He always used to think of himself as an ugly guy. He always judged people basically on their looks.

Unfortunately, one day he tried to approach a very beautiful blonde woman and because he was glorifying her a lot, he appeared to be needy and things did not go well with him and finally she rejected him.

This was so bad experience for him, and of course for his subconscious mind as well, who recorded this experience and updated the potential partner list to start with an item like “She must be very very beautiful and she must be blonde”

Of course you can guess what will happen if John meets a very beautiful blonde woman who smiles at him and does not reject him. He will madly fall in love with her and hope that she loves him as well so that he can prove for himself that he is good and a beautiful blonde woman can accept him and so he can change the past experience that happened to him.

Example #3: Sarah, a very beautiful woman.

Sarah is a very beautiful woman. When she was young, her teacher was Scolding her all the time and telling her that she is so stupid. After many years, Sarah has grown up and become so smart and so beautiful and this in fact not a bad thing, but the problem is that people always complement her for her beauty and never say something about the beauty of her mind or how she is smart and so on.

As you may have guessed, Sarah just needs a man who always talks about how she is really smart (and it is the truth), appreciates her opinions and complement her on her ideas as much as he talks about her beauty.

If you want to make Sarah fall in love with you, then telling her all the time about how you like her eyes, face or whatever will NOT get you anywhere. On the other hand, say nothing about her beauty and just say “You are so smart. I always like how you solve a problem” and she will see you as a different guy and madly fall in love with you as she finds you attractive even if you are not handsome.

As you can see, in the above three examples there is someone with a need that he or she knows nothing about and they just need to meet the one who can satisfy this need for them. If you can satisfy this need or just show that you can, you will get them fall in love with you, but if you can show them from the first moment that you can fill that need, then they will fall for you but at the first sight. That’s it.

Another important fact is that “First Sight” does not necessarily mean looks, instead it is all about everything you can realize about the other person that complies with your subconscious mind check list so you may fall in love at first sight when:

  • Your subconscious mind check list starts with “must be rich” and you see your partner driving a luxurious car.
  • Your subconscious mind check list starts with “must be blonde and kind” and suddenly a blonde girl comes and asks you about anything while smiling.
  • Your subconscious mind check list starts with “must be assertive” and you see him or her act so boldly and confidently while speaking in public.

And so on.

“First Sight” does not necessarily mean looks, instead it is all about everything you can realize about the other person that complies with your subconscious mind check list.

The word “sight” in love at first sight does not necessarily means “see”; instead it simply means “realize” or how would you think blind people fall in love?!!

So, for a blind man, a woman with a sweet voice may make him fall in love with her just for listening to her voice.

So love at first sight means love when you REALIZE in the first few moment that your partner has what you need to satisfy your needs.

It’s all about realization. while blind people cannot see, they do fall in love at first sight simply by hearing the sweet voice of the other person.

Does love at first sight really exist?! Is love at first sight real?

I receive many emails from guys with the mail subject “Does love at first sight really exist?!” or something like “Is love at first sight real?”, so I decided to answer this question here so that I can refer them to that article instead of writing and repeating the same thing every time.

So the short answer is yes, love at first sight does exist simply because it happens to us and to our friends every day, but are you sure that you know what you mean by “love”?

For most people, love is a too generic term to be described and it seems to have no specific definition as well as it cannot be controlled. This misconception and mystery about love itself is what made people so confused about a subject like love at first sight or love from one side and then you find them wondering if there is anything like love at first sight and if love at first sight really exists?!

So, you have to know exactly what you mean by “love” and be able to differentiate between romantic love, attraction and sexual desire. And while this needs another whole article to be explained, I will try to quickly shed the light on the difference between them so that you can determine if it is love at first sight or simply you are sexually attracted to that person.

Difference between romantic love, attraction, and sexual desire

As I already said, love at first sight really exists, but you have to make sure that it is love and not just you are sexually attracted to the other person.


Attraction is the first stage in a normal relationship stages. In my relationship stages article, I have said that any committed relationship should go through five stages and the first stage starts by huge attraction between both partners which builds the bond that helps the relationship last and continue.

Attraction is simply an early stage of love. It is not love but it is a “baby love” and this baby may grow to become “love” or it simply dies forever.

Sexual desire

Sexual desire is a form of attraction or a special case of it. In attraction, you may be attracted to anything about your partner. You may be attracted to smart partners, courageous partners, assertive partners or whatever, but when you are attracted to partners who are physically sexy or attractive, then it a sexual desire and not a general attraction.

According to James Giles, Sexual desire is a need which creates a sense of incompleteness which calls out to be fulfilled by person of the other gender.

When you are sexually attracted to someone, you may make some big decisions like marrying them which is not bad, but the problem is when all what you like about your partner is that he/she is sexy, you will not continue to love them because they cannot maintain the same sexy level that meets your expectations as they grow and become older which sometimes results in cheating and infidelity affairs.

Romantic love

Contrary to common beliefs, a lot of psychologists say that romantic love is very similar to that love between someone and his parents. Yes, there are some differences, but they are very similar simply because both of them require the feelings of attachment, joy, and trust.

In romantic love, you care about your partner emotions and you want them to be happy. On the other hand, you want the same things back. Yes you do care about sex but you think about emotions and other things as well.

Romantic love is concerned about respect, trust, and acceptance of the other person plus being sexually attracted to him or her. So to make a long story short, and just for the sake of simplification, we can say that:

Romantic love = (respect, trust, acceptance, joy) + Attraction (only sexual or sexual and other things).

Now, and after you have known the difference between sexual desire, attraction, and romantic love, I can tell you that:

  • Of course sexual attraction at first sight exists.
  • Attraction may happen at the first sight but if you can notice the thing that attracts you at the first sight ( a luxurious car if you are attracted to rich people for example ).
  • Romantic love DOES NOT exist at first sight. It may be born at first sight (when it is just attraction) but it needs other components like respect and trust to continue.

Romantic love at first sight DOES NOT exist at first sight. It may be born at first sight (in the form of attraction) but it needs other components like joy, respect and trust to continue and does not fade away.

Love at first sight vs. one sided love

I felt like this may confuse you so I just want to make things very clear here. When I talk about love at first sight, I simply mean love that occurs from both sides, but when you are just attracted at first sight to the other person while the other person is not attracted to you, so this is a case of one sided love but at first sight.

And this is whether the other person knows or does not know that you are attracted to them.

Of course, men are more subjected to fall in both love at first sight or one sided love simply because men are visual and they heavily depend on their eyes to evaluate a potential woman partner.

Dealing with love at first sight

As I have said, what happens at first sight is attraction which may be promoted to love or just continue as “just attraction” until it fades away and dies.

So what should you do when fall in love with someone at first sight??

Step 1: Optimize your subconscious mind list items.

In fact, this is normal and not wrong as itself, but the problem is about the basis of the attraction or that caused the attraction or in other words, your own subconscious mind list items.

Your unconscious mind list items themselves may be wrong or at least arranged in a wrong way. For example, when your list looks like this:

  1. She must be so sexy and beautiful.
  2. She must be stylish.
  3. Does not matter.
  4. Does not matter.
  5. Does not matter.
  6. Does not matter.
  7. ……….

Then you have a big problem to solve. You have to add other important items and rearrange your list items.

Ask yourself about the reasons behind those criteria and instead of seeking a blonde woman trying to correct something that happened in the past, work on your self esteem.

This way, you will be sure that you subconscious mind list is based on solid items and not fake ones.

Step 2: Attract the other person.

After that, if you still fall in love at first sight you can try to attract the other person while being sure or semi sure that this attraction will not fade away and will continue to be a romantic love because of your solid subconscious mind check list items.

The conclusion about love at first sight

  • Love at first sight is real and does exist but it depends on our subconscious mind check list itself and if its items are solid or subject to change and provided that other components like trust, joy and respect exist otherwise it will be nothing more than an attraction that dies by time.
  • Love at first sight may happen to you or not according to your own unconscious mind list items and how you arrange them.
  • “First Sight” does not necessarily mean looks, instead it is all about everything you can realize about the other person that complies with your subconscious mind check list.
  • Also while blind people cannot see, they do fall in love at first sight simply by hearing the sweet voice of the other person.
  • Men are more subjected to fall in love at first sight because of their subconscious mind list in which “good looks” comes very early and sometimes before any other list item.
  • When dealing with love at first sight, try to optimize your subconscious mind list items first so that you become sure that when attraction happens at first sight, it will continue to grow and become a romantic love.

If you have fallen in love with a woman at first sight and hope that she loves you too, then you may want to check John Alexander’s famous guide The Alpha Male System, in which he reveals a lot of secrets about attraction and how a man can attract women to him like an alpha male very easily and confidently and keeping them attached to you as well. You may want to check what John says about his guide here.

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Tips on Saving a Relationship: Win the Trust of Your Ex Again Wed, 06 Feb 2013 21:04:04 +0000 Read More » ]]> Trying to win trust back is never easy, especially when it has been broken by something like infidelity. Even though it is not easy, it is far from impossible, and (with the right tips on saving a relationship) you and your ex will be able to rebuild the trust.

Rebuilding trust after infidelity and getting your partner to forgive you and trust you again have to be done in an indirect way so that you get your partner’s guard down..

So playing Psychological tricks and mind games, using any kind of reverse psychology or applying the no contact rule will lead to the complete opposite results.

The following are some tips that you can use right now to rebuild the trust with your partner and save your relationship..

1)   Understand the reason that caused the problem: Before you can win trust back, you have to look at what broke that trust to begin with. Winning back someone’s trust is not as easy as promising not to break it ever again, but understanding exactly what caused it to falter can give you something to go on.

2)   Make sure you trust your partner: Many trust issues are not one-sided.  They are a product of a mutual problem between both partners. You might have done something that resulted in the breach of trust you are dealing with now, but chances are it is something that was not done intentionally.

3)   Have hope and be willing to solve: Trust is lost much more quickly and easily than it is built. Do not be discouraged by what might look like a lack of progress. It did not take you a day to get to where you are now, and it is going to take you longer than that to win trust back. Exactly how long depends on many factors, including what kinds of issues caused the breakup. Try not to hold on to feelings of bitterness or resentment

4)   Start with a sincere apology: It does not matter if you were caught or you admitted to what you did, an apology would help both of you. However, no matter how heartfelt it might be, be prepared for your partner to feel betrayed.

5)   Let the problem go. What happened between you and your partner in the past is not a matter for you now. You should let go the bad memories of the past and keep your relationship afresh with new thoughts. Doing so will help you to win trust back of your ex.

6)   Do not repeat your past mistakes. It should be understood, but some people break their partners’ trust repeatedly because they simply cannot help themselves. In this case, it might be necessary for you to seek therapy– for example, if your relationship was repeatedly harmed by infidelity, treatment for sex addiction might be a good idea.

7)   Ask other people to help you: friends and family can be a very effective tool if used wisely. They can help you build the trust back simply by talking about you in a good way in front of your partner. In such a case, they simply program his/her subconscious mind to trust you again but in an indirect way.

8) Seek professional advice: Do not be afraid to bring in a third party to help win trust back. Sometimes, trust issues occur when one partner does not feel he or she can talk to the other. In that case, relationship counselling can provide a safe, structured, neutral atmosphere for both parties to talk things over.

Sometimes, some breaches of trust can seem like the death of a relationship. While incidents like that is never a good thing, they are usually not the end of the word. By following these tips on saving a relationship, you and your partner will be able to move past your trust issues and build a more stable relationship.

This is a guest post by Alan B. Sahu. Alan loves writing articles on relationship issues. He likes to help people on his blog to fix their relationship problems.

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Best Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Back Fri, 01 Feb 2013 17:50:53 +0000 Read More » ]]> Making a relationship with someone is easy, but it is difficult to keep it forever. Due to misunderstanding and clashes, your relationship has come to an end. It is natural to feel lonely after a break up but do not worry, i am going to tell you how to get your girlfriend back right in the following lines.

You can realize the importance of your ex in your life after a break up. If you are willing to get your ex girlfriend back, you have to work with firm attitude. Here are some guiding principles that can lend you a hand to know the best ways to get your girlfriend back.

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back?!

Tip#1. Admit Your Faults.

The first and foremost thing in a relationship is to admit your faults. If you have done something wrong with your ex girlfriend, then you must apologize her. If she accepts your apology then try to change yourself. In case, she does not show any positive response then you have to go through a long process.

Tip#2. Remain Away From Her For Sometime.

Your girlfriend dumped you due to your irrational behavior. She does not want to have any contact with you. Now, you have to control yourself. Do not infuriate her by calling or meeting her.

It will make the things worst. It is the time to let her know that you can live alone. Do not interfere in her matters, because she is not your girlfriend now.

Tip#3. Take Part In healthy Activities.

You are alone and keep on thinking about your ex girlfriend. You should use your time in healthy activities. If you have interest in games then keep yourself busy in watching or playing your favorite game.

You can maintain your body by joining fitness center. It will avoid you to think about your past. Your ex girlfriend can understand that you are a strong man and able to face difficulties in life. You must think about her complains and try to change your habits.

Tip#4. Make Contact With her.

The best ways to get your ex girlfriend back are to balance your sentiments and get in touch with her casually. You can send her a message and ask about her activities.

Be careful while messaging her. You should not irritated her by sending her messages too many times in a day. If she replies your message, then you are in the right track. But if she does not reply you, then you should increase the no contact period. And take this time to improve yourself.

Tip#5. Ask her For a Casual Meeting.

Now, you can ask her for a casual meeting. It is better to arrange the daytime meeting. This meeting is really very important for you.

Dress up nicely and try to start your conversation in a friendly manner. Give her surprise by improving your personality. She will really get impressed by this change and will think about you. She was the one who loved you and  still has a soft corner for you.

Tip#6. Try To Get Her Back.

If you do all these things, you will find that her anger has ended. Moreover, you are able to meet her off and on. Your chat is again getting personal as you are discussing your past happy memories with each other.

Try to make her happy in your company. Keep in mind that forcing her for reunion will spoil your relation. Show her your deep love and affection through your actions and words. Give her gifts on her special occasion like birthday.

These are the best ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back. You need to light the candle of love in her heart again. Express your love for her as a real man and promise her that you will never give place to such issues in your life, but never beg, cry or be needy.

This post is a guest post from Alan B. Sahu. Alan loves writing articles on a wide range of topics. His favorite topics are ‘Relationship’ and ‘Human psychology’.

Matt Huston created the ex2 system and helped many guys get their ex girlfriends back. Not only Matt will tell you about killer tactics and techniques to get her back, but also he gives a complete guide named “Train your girlfriend” as a bonus to help you keep her after you get her back. You can read a complete review of the ex2 system here or you can listen to Matt’s free audio presentation here. ( Hint: the video may take some time to start so wait about 5 to 10 seconds for the video to load because there are too many people trying to access the server and watch that video).

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How To Be a Brave Man? Wed, 16 Jan 2013 00:35:49 +0000 Read More » ]]>  The questions: How to be a brave man?, How to be brave and bold?, How to be brave in life?, and What should I do to become courageous? are all valid questions that are asked by many guys everyday.

We used to think of courage and braveness as the ability to face the beast, but unfortunately there are no beasts anymore.

Nowadays, being brave can not be like it was in the past…for example,you can not show that you are brave by facing dinosaurs or even being Sindbad as there is no dinosaurs or that huge creatures in these days, instead there are BIG problems.

What is Courage and how to be a courageous man?

People make a big mistake when they think of courageous people as people who do not fear anything.

There is no one who does not fear anything in the world simply because we all have things to lose and that’s why we have to be afraid of losing them.

While courageous and brave people are normal people and have many things to fear of, they keep moving in their way. They have some fears like any normal person, but the never let their fears control them and affect the way they act.

Being brave and courageous is not about being fearless, but it is about keeping moving even with those fears inside them.

How to be a brave man?

You are brave when you never run from fight. You do not have to necessarily win though.

You are brave when you express your opinion without fear.

You are brave when you look your enemies in the eye.

You are brave when you do not fear of trying things most people fear…

While all of the above are true meanings of being brave.. But there is one short and true definition of being brave which is the ability to face.

I do not care to face what or how tough your situation is, you just should have the ability to face whatever situation that others escape and run away from.

Men are classified into two groups; brave and coward.

When they do not like their body shape, brave men start working out at the gym to become more fit while those who are not brave escape the problem by being introvert and avoiding social situations or even by being addicted to some bad habits like over- eating.

When they have financial problems, people who are brave start to find another streams of income while those who are not brave escape the problem by lying to themselves and claiming that life is unfair!

when they got a breakup, men who are brave face the problem by deciding to get over the breakup or even getting back to their girlfriend (like men not kids) , while coward men start perceiving the breakup as the end of the world!

When they fail to achieve some thing, men who are brave start to try again and they keep trying until they finally reach their goals,  while those who are not brave escape the problem by lying to themselves and changing the goal itself or even cancel the whole idea.

Why you should be brave?

When some one who is brave encounters a problem, he decides to face that problem and Try to find a solution. Yes he is just trying because facing a problem does not necessarily mean that you will necessarily solve it.

So when you decide to face your problem and start to find a solution, you may succeed and you may fail to solve it this time and you have to try again…

Now, you may be telling yourself that it is better to escape the problem and because why should you face a problem that will not for sure be solved if you tried to solve it? Looks logic, right?

No, it is not ..Why?

If you think that by escaping your problems you will be safe then let me tell you that you are totally wrong because if you tried and failed then you still have one problem waiting to be solved, but if you escaped your problem then you still have the original problem beside those new created problems.

What do you mean by new created problems?

Well, let me explain…

When you decide to run and not to face your problem by lying to yourself and trying to convince yourself with false excuses, guess what happens?

You start believing in those false excuses and those false excuses will form very strong limiting beliefs, which will limit your potential and prevent you from reaching your goals or being brave in another situation.

On being brave

I will give you some tips to help you become brave:

  • Recognize the situation or your problem: Start the evaluation of the current situation.
  •  Admit that there is a problem: By doing this you are telling yourself that there is a problem and it must be faced.
  • Face it: As we have said, the brave one is the one who faces life problems and does not run away.
  • Be prepared to fail to solve it: Yes, you do not have to solve it especially when it is your first trial…All what you have to do is to try and to be persistent…That’s it!
  • Self confidence and your ability to express your opinions like a real man are obvious signs that you are brave and courageous because you are communicating in a socially confident way.

Just remember that to be brave, you have to choose not to run , not to lie to yourself and not to form false beliefs about the world and to stand your ground like a real man no matter what.

Eduard Ezeanu is the author of the Social Confidence Program, in which he explains how to eliminate your shyness and have a killer self esteem. Not only the program will dramatically boost your self esteem, but also it will tell you the reasons behind your low self esteem and how to overcome them using very simple but effective techniques that REALLY WORK!! You can Click Here to watch a Free Presentation now.

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How To Be Confident Around Women? Tue, 08 Jan 2013 13:54:23 +0000 Read More » ]]> In the past, I used to be very shy… In fact, excessively shy to the extent that when a beautiful woman looked at me, I got confused and I did not know the reason. I really wanted to be confident around women and with women especially those prettier ones because I felt like I am a little bit more confident around women with bad-to-normal looks than the case of more beautiful women.

Whenever i saw a beautiful woman, I was feeling tongue-tied, my hands sweat and my heart beats were going very fast… I could not say the simplest things or ask the easiest questions like “what is the time now?”!!

In fact, all the pickup lines will never work for you, if this is your case.

Try to memorize 1000 pickup lines and you will never proceed a bit. And you will feel like that you are the problem not the pickup lines themselves because you can see other men use the same lines you use and achieve way better results than yours. So you start doubting yourself, your look, your style or whatever, and forget about the core reason behind this failure with women… It is called “Low Self Confidence around pretty women”

Why do you fear beautiful women? Do you?!!

I was talking to myself and asking why I feel those feelings whenever I see a beautiful woman..

And i kept asking myself this question: If I really like her, so why I feel like I fear her?!!

After a few years, I discovered the secret, which is I was not really fearing her, I was fearing her rejection. Period.

Everyone cares most of all about himself at the first place, so unconsciously trying to protect myself and my ego, I was afraid if she says something like “I do not like you” or “you are not my type, but we can be friends”

That was the thing that kept me from approaching beautiful women and being unsuccessful when dealing with them.

It is believed that people who are attractive are considered more powerful than normal people.. think about it.. beautiful women have more value than you when it comes to looks, right?

So you feel a lower value to them which leads to giving them more respect than they actually deserve.

How to be confident around women?

When you perceive yourself as a lower value than beautiful women, you start pleasing them instead of attracting them which makes you appear needy and insecure. And it also gives them the chance to disrespect or belittle you which confirm your doubts about yourself that you are of a lower value than them and you will be so lucky if this princess agrees to be your wife or even just your girlfriend!!

So, you start telling them “hey, I am someone of a lower value than you because you are beautiful and I am not or this is at least what I think” and then she responds by something like “of course I will never date an unconfident man” by telling you “Well, let’s just be friends”.

As you can see, you are the one who starts, so your actions are the reason behind this miserable life… the way you glorify beautiful women is actually what makes you un confident around them.

Now, all what you should do to overcome your fear of beautiful women and your fear of them rejecting you is to just put them in their normal places..

While being beautiful, pretty women are still humans NOT angels.

Yes, she may be beautiful, or even gorgeous or very beautiful, but that does not give her more an overall value than you, right?

Wake up! This beautiful girl is nothing more than another chick, she is a normal human not anything more and she is exactly as insecure as you! Welcome to the real world!!

You have to understand that there is a big difference between her value when it comes to looks and her overall value. We cannot deny that she is really beautiful but is she smarter than you? stronger than you? richer than you? more stylish than you??

If your answer to most of the questions is yes, then YES, her overall value is higher than yours and in such a case you have to work on yourself rather than shying away and remaining the same person you hate.

So, do not wait and start working on your looks i.e. lose your extra weight or build some muscles if you are skinny. Get another job or start your own business to be rich. Build your self confidence and increase your self esteem if you are not that bold and confident enough.

And while you are working on yourself, stay confident because you will not be the same person tomorrow as long as you are working on yourself.

Eduard Ezeanu is the author of the Social Confidence Program, in which he explains how to eliminate your shyness and have a killer self esteem. Not only the program will dramatically boost your self esteem, but also it will tell you the reasons behind your low self esteem and how to overcome them using very simple but effective techniques that REALLY WORK!! You can Click Here to watch a Free Presentation now.

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The Best Breakup Advice Ever Sun, 23 Dec 2012 20:31:27 +0000 Read More » ]]> Frankly speaking, the first time I was asked about the best breakup advice I did not know what to say.

I can tell you about 5 or 7 of the best breakup advice but if you are asking about just one single advice.. well I am going to tell you about it right after this small story.

Two friends of mine came asking for my advice about their breakup. They had almost the same problem. Both of them have just broken up with their girlfriends and both of them said that they want to get over the breakup.

I met both of them in personal and gave them almost the same time, and the same advice.

Both of them complained that it is difficult to handle their emotions after the breakup.

Both of them were already in the bargaining stage.

Both of them were suffering.

Personally, I have not met any two cases that are too similar like the case of my two friends.

I expected that they would recover at the same time because their situations were very similar to each other.

Two weeks later, I noticed that one of them is already on the right track to completely get over the breakup while the other was almost at the same stage.

Both of them were of my best friends and I really wanted to help them both, but I did not know what to do to help the other friend make the same progress as the first one.

I even sat with him many times, but what I have found was really strange.

It seemed like the more I provide him with advice, the farther he becomes from the recovery stage.

Back to the first friend, he is now already over his girlfriend, while the other friend did not move a single step forward.

Now, the question is why?

Why two men with the same situation, age, attitude and were provided with the same advice are that different when it comes to getting over the breakup?

Why some people succeed in overcoming the breakup faster than others?

What is the best breakup advice?

The best breakup advice is what made one of my friends recover while the other is still suffering till the moment I write this post.

The best breakup advice is: Follow the advice.

Yes, this is the best breakup advice, to follow the advice.

There is a lot of useful breakup advice, but all of them are useless if you do not follow them.

Taking action is the secret!

The best breakup advice is: Follow the advice. Taking action is the secret!

No magical pills or black magic.

So, if it’s that simple, then why do people still suffer after a breakup?

Why do people still suffer after a breakup?

People say the same thing.

They say that they want to get over the breakup.

They say that they want to feel good.

They say that say want to be happy.

However, the fact is that they WISH not WANT.

There is no real desire to end their miserable life and to start a happier life.

They say that they want to recover, but they continue to listen to sad breakup songs.

They say they want to heal their broken hearts, but they keep visiting the same places they went to with their ex lovers.

They say that they hate their exes and want to forget about the past, but they keep visualizing themselves back again with their ex lovers.

They say something, and they do the complete opposite thing then come to me and ask for the best breakup advice because my old advice did not work for them!!

The best breakup advice is to use the best breakup advice.

The best breakup advice is to follow the best breakup advice.

The best breakup advice is to start taking action and to apply the breakup advice.

If you came hear searching for the best breakup advice, then if you do not know or just did not read any breakup advice, then start reading at the breakup advice section.

I would also recommend that you start with those posts:

But if you have already got a breakup advice but you found that it does not work for you, then you should know that the problem is about you and not about the breakup advice itself.. Just start taking action and everything will dramatically be improved.

Now are you still looking for the best breakup advice?? Just start applying the best breakup advice that you already know and i promise that you will feel better in a very short time.

Break Me Free Program was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

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Matt Huston’s Ex2 System Review Tue, 04 Dec 2012 20:52:40 +0000 Read More » ]]> Matt Huston's Ex2 System

You may have heard of many secrets or ways that can help you get your girl back.. you may have heard about the magic of making up system or even some love spells that can bring your ex girlfriend back and I have to admit it.. there are many bad and scams out there promising to help you get her back however the good news is that there are still some good programs as well.. The ex2 system is certainly one of them if not the best of them. Download The Ex2 System Here.

What is the ex2 system?

The ex2 system is a package that consists of 2 books and one work book (action plan) and an audio version of the same content of the books for those who do not like to read. The main goal of the ex2 system is to help you get your ex girlfriend back and keep her forever; in other words, the ex2 system will help everybody understand the main reasons behind the breakup and  so prevent them from happening again.

Is the ex2 system a scam? Does it really work?

In a nutshell… Yes it works but the advice in the ex2 system is like any advice in the world… it will never work as long as you do not follow it. However, if I modified the question to be : Does the ex2 system advice work if I follow it?, then the answer would be sure it will work.

To be specific, Matt claims that the ex2 system has an overall success rate of more than 83% which means that more than 83 men from 100 overall can succeed to get their girlfriends back using the ex2 system.

Who is the Author of the ex2 system?

This what Matt Huston himself want to tell us about himself:

  • Matt Huston has been studying relationships for more than 10 years.
  • Matt Huston have written the internets best selling books on male-female dynamics,  relationships, breakups and more…
  • Matt Huston coached thousands of men and women all over the world in over 40+ countries.
  • Matt Huston is currently working toward my BA in Psychology at the University of Waterloo.

Who should consider buying the ex2 system?

  • Everyone who is serious about getting his ex-girlfriend back
  • Everyone who is serious about changing his love life
  • Everyone who is serious about getting women to respect him
  • Every man who wants to be emotionally strong.
  • Everyone who is serious about being a real man in the eyes of women.

What is in the ex2 system for you?

After downloading the ex2 system package, you will receive the following:

  • The ex2 system manual & Audio book. A step by step blueprint to getting your girlfriend back after a breakup.
  • 124 Page “Train Your Girlfriend Manual” and Audio Book.
  • Lifetime Membership Matt’s Monthly Newsletter.
  • A Quick Start Guide To Winning Her Back – consider it as an action plan where all The Important Notes were taken for You.

So What is different about the ex2 system?

The ex2 system is not about just helping you get your ex girlfriend back. In fact, getting her back is the easy part, however the real challenging part is to keep her after getting her back and to prevent another breakup from happening.

That’s why I like Matt’s Train your girlfriend because it will tell you  how to keep your girlfriend after getting her back and how to avoid repeating them again

What if it does not work?

You have 60 days to try the ex2 system and even if it does not work for you, you can get your money back anytime within those 6o days, so you will get your girlfriend back or your money back.

My personal opinion

All the above is all about some facts about the ex2 system. It does not include my personal opinion and I intended to state the facts before my own opinion because you might be only interested in facts.

I have bought the ex2 system to see what is in it especially when I knew that it has many psychological tricks and techniques that are based on psychology.

I found that it is really useful and gives many useful tips but the only drawback of matt’s system is that it –like many other books- does not give you a plan b. in other words, Matt’s system works in the direction of trying to get your ex girlfriend back only and not to get over her as well.

In my opinion, if you did not manage to get her back, then you have no other options and this may not be a big issue for many men because most men do not want to even consider the option of trying to getting over their girl friends, however this is my honest review and I have to give you a full picture of the situation.

So if you are trying to get her back and keep her forever, then you should consider downloading the ex2 system.

Download Matt’s System Here.

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Everything About One Sided Love Or Love From One Side! Sat, 24 Nov 2012 18:09:37 +0000 Read More » ]]> One sided love or love from one side has always confused many people. Most of us used to say things and ask questions like:

Is one sided love a real love?

Can we consider one sided love as a normal love?

How to deal with one sided love?

Should I tell the person that I love him or her?

What is the difference between one sided love and attraction?

What the heck is that one sided love? And why do we fall in love with some one but from one side???

Can we consider love from one side to be even more romantic than a normal love??! because you do not even want anything from your partner. You just give and do not care about taking anything. Right??!

Okay.. No more confusion.. let’s start uncovering the truth behind one sided love and how to deal with it.

Love from one side is simply an exception to the normal rule which is the normal love, and in order to understand the exception which is one sided love, we have to understand the rule itself first which is love… So what is love anyway??

What is love?

Love is a feeling that we experience after the brain creates certain chemicals that make us feel happy. Those chemicals are what make us say that we fall in love and when we become addicted to those chemicals, we become addicted to the person that caused our brain to produce those chemicals.

So when we miss someone, we just miss the chemical dose that the person causes our brain to produce.

Some people can cause your brain to produce low amounts of chemicals even if you live with them.. That’s why you may not love certain people even if you live with them for a long time.

And it is also the reason you start to love some people after staying with them for a while, simply because your brain starts to produce a bit higher amounts of chemicals every day and you become addicted to those amounts and so to the people caused your brain to produce them.

Other people may cause your brain to produce very high amounts of chemicals even if you did not talk to them or just have talked with them for as little as five minutes or less.

Other people may even cause your brain to produce very high amounts of chemicals even before they say a word and this is exactly the explanation of what happens in the case of love at first sight!

There is a sort of image or criteria that your subconscious mind uses to determine the specifications of the person that we fall in love with or in other words, who can cause the brain to produce a very high amounts of love chemicals.

The more someone is compliant to the subconscious mind criteria, the more he or she is able to make the brain produce higher amounts of love chemicals and the more likely you will fall in love with him/her.

What happens in the normal love is that you find a woman that highly meets your subconscious mind criteria and so your brain starts to generate high amounts of love chemicals… if you meet the woman’s subconscious mind criteria as well, then her brain will start to generate high amounts of love chemicals as well.

The one whose mind produces higher amounts of chemicals will become more interested in the other one and if the mind of one of you generated a less amount of chemicals than it used to produce or even stopped generating chemicals at all, then this one will stop loving the his/her partner.

What is one sided love?

So what does this have to do with one sided love? And what is one sided love?

In case of one sided love, your mind produces love chemicals while your partner’s mind still does not produce the required amounts of chemicals to make him or her feel like he or she is falling in love with you.

So, yes… one sided love is like a normal love except that the other person’s mind has not produced enough love chemicals yet to make them feel like they are falling in love with you.

According to the previous explanation, the signs of one sided love are the same as those of the normal love except for things related to the other partner.

Here are some signs of one sided love:

  • So you feel uncontrollable urge to be with that person
  • You love being around him or her
  • You want to hear other people talking about him or her

And so on..

Dealing with one sided love: How to deal with one sided love?

Every case has to be dealt with in a unique way; however you have to understand that the more you stay in that situation, the more chemicals your brain generates and the more you become addicted to those chemicals and the person you love from one side.

Courage is all what you need. You have to choose your way… To face it or to run and escape it.

So the first thing to do is to stop taking the dose as long as you cannot guarantee that you can keep the source. In other words, if you cannot make the other person fall in love with you as well then you have to stop taking the dose he causes your brain to produce.

There are two possibilities:

  1. The person knows that you love him or her.

This is when he/she knows that you are already in love with him/her which in turn has two other possibilities:

  • Your loved one knows that you are in love and you talked about it with each other. So if you have already confronted her about your love but she is not interested or rejected you, then there is a small chance using reverse psychology.
  • Your loved one knows that you are in love but you have not talk with each other about it. In such a case, you have to be a man… again man up and go tell her about what you feel without being needy and see how she reacts. And just remember that if you are the man, then you are the one who is supposed to take the initiation and approach her not the other way around.

I remember when a friend of mine was in this situation.. he loved the girl so much but he was not bold enough to approach her and tell her about it. After 3 years and when he decided to tell her, he was surprised when she told him that she was also in love with him but he did not make any move towards her and another guy has already done it which made her fall in love with the other guy.

So go tell her about your love, and if she is supposed to say no, then it is nonsense if you deceive yourself when thinking that there is any sort of hope.

There are many ways to approach her and tell her about what you feel and we are going to talk about some of them in another article.

2. The person does not know that you love him or her.

In such a case all you have to do is to go and to tell her about your love. Of course I mean that you should do it the right way. You can also let a friend tell him or her but this is too general advice and you have to choose the right way before you approach her.

One sided love: Playing it safe, fear of failure, and fear of rejection.

Sometimes you fear that you lose her if you told her about what you feel. This is especially when you are friends with her and you fear that you may even lose her as a friend and as a lover as well.

So what?? What is the solution to that problem??

A normal person will not risk anything in order to earn anything, but you do not have to be that person. Just remember that by risking nothing you will get nothing and by risking nothing you are risking everything.

A real man does not just hope for the other person to come and women love bold guys who take actions and get what they want in life.

All what you have to do is to decide which is more important for you… being her lover or being her friend?! Just decide what is more important for you and go get it.

One sided love and playing the victim role

Some men prefer to play the victim role. They always complain about not getting what they want in general and the girl they like in specific, however they do nothing about it.

The solution to this problem is very simple: accept the fact as it is until you become able to change it and spend most of your time taking actions not complaining about your bad luck.

One sided love and playing the so romantic role

Some men say that one sided love is even more romantic than normal love. They deceive themselves by considering love from one side to be even more romantic than a normal love??!  Because you do not even want anything from your partner and so you just give and do not care about taking anything!!

If this is right and you do not want anything from your loved one as you love her even if she does not love you then why the heck do you complain about it… Why do you feel pain when she does not respond??

Confront yourself with the truth and face it instead of escaping and running!

Plan B: Getting over one sided love.

How to Get over one sided love?

Getting over one sided love is not way too different than getting over a normal love… It requires fixing your beliefs about love and break ups.

If you have tried to get her to like you but you failed for whatever reason then the normal plan B is to move on and get over her.

As it would take another separate post to tell you how to get over one sided love, I would like to summarize some useful tips to help you move to plan B.

  • Understand that rejection is not about you at all. It does not mean that you are not a good person, but it simply means that you cannot match your loved one’s own criteria which means that your qualifications may be lower or even higher than your loved one’s expectations, and yes you hear me right: it would be higher!!
  • There are plenty of fish out there. Many women would match your criteria and even more than your loved woman and many of them are already better than her.
  • It is normal to be happy while being single. The normal rule is to be happy even if you are not in a relationship, however you are supposed to be happier while being in a relationship. So stop attaching your happiness to your loved one and stop saying things like life is nothing without you.
  • Understand the psychology behind falling in love. In the beginning of this post I explained the methodology behind falling in love and how the mind creates some sort of chemicals because of being with or thinking about your loved one, so in fact, it is all about the chemicals not the person and you want the chemicals not the person and any woman who can match your criteria will help your mind creates those chemicals. Simple like that!

Final words about one sided love

One sided love is not a shame or a more romantic sort of love either. It is a special case of love that you should deal with until you convert it into a normal love and get your loved one to love you, otherwise you have to move on and forget about it because it is not a normal situation to continue to love someone who does not love you. It is nonsense and is not honor at all!!

Break Me Free Program was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you forget the one you loved and get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

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How To Be Bold And Confident? Sun, 18 Nov 2012 16:59:38 +0000 Read More » ]]> If you are serious about being bold and confident then you have to understand one simple fact: being confident is all about developing the habit of being bold and confident, so do not expect to be the most confident man on the planet overnight…you need to be patient and persistent.

On the other hand, do not get me wrong. Building your self confidence is not that so difficult. Absolutely it is easy but you have to have the necessary knowledge, to apply the necessary techniques and finally to give yourself enough time to see some good results.

How To Be Bold And Confident?

 As I told you, there is nothing like a magical bill that you can take and become confident. This is simply because confidence comes from within. It is generated inside you and YOU are the source of your own self confidence.

For now, until you build your self confidence and as a quick fix, you have to fake it till you manage to make it. Here are some useful tips to start applying to feel confident right now:

1-Take enough space.

Yes, Do not act like a shy kid..You are a man and you have to respect this man and be proud of it…you do not have something to hide so why do you put yourself into a shell!

2-Do not put your hands into your pockets.

This is another girly attitude , so never do it…Whenever you find that you do it, quickly get hem out of your pockets.

3-Do not pay a lot of attention to people around you.

If you are in a public place, do not think that every one around you is watching you, do not even try to check if they do or not…every one has his own problems and even if there is some one who is watching you, chances are he is a sick guy or he thinks that he has seen you before…any way, it does not matter.

4- Walk slowly with wide steps.

Think about it, if you are a confident man and you know what you are doing now and what to do for the next step, so why do you run ?!!

5- Walk and stand up tall with a straight body.

Do not lean and remember..confident men take enough space..

6- Do not give a lot of weight to people’s opinion about you.

Yes, take their opinion into your consideration but be aware that you know more than any one about yourself , there is only one case in which you should listen to people and give their opinion a lot of weight…you know when? When they are all happy…when they manage to solve their own problems!  if you can find someone who does not have any problem then follow him, otherwise why do you let someone who can not handle his own problems, lower your self esteem! Do not let them do, and whenever someone lower your self esteem , remember that he even can not solve his own problems!!

7- Learn the some basics of confidence body language, here is some of them:

  • Make eye contact with every one you are talking but do not stare as well. Also never break away until the other person does.
  • Have a strong, firm handshake..You are a man and you have to shake hands like a man, but also you do not have to break the other person’s arm to show it.
  • Smile! Smile! Smile! that’s it!
  • Don’t cross your arms or legs and keep your shoulders up.

8- Dress well and groom yourself well.

If you are over weight, then make a diet. if you are skinny, start working out at the gym. Have a new hair cut and a cool after shave. wear a man-enough cologne. Buy some new and stylish clothes, you do not have to buy the most expensive.. just take time to choose them…All of will not only dramatically boost your self esteem, but also will make you a better one.

9- Learn and play chess.

Playing chess can be very useful when it comes to increasing your self confidence and boldness as in every move you make, you have to make a decision and take a risk. Another thing is that by playing chess, you will have a strong parity and personality. As being an experienced chess player, I want to advice you of three important things

  • Play with the white pieces whenever possible, as you will learn that the white pieces play first, and the always take the attack position.
  • Never feel bad or disappointed if you lost one of your games… there is no one who wins all his matches, even the grandmasters.
  • Just remember that chess is just a game, so do not play chess too seriously and never be aggressive.

10- Give yourself a time limit.

To help you avoid “Analysis Paralysis”, you should give yourself a predefined time limit                        when you consider making decisions. This can also perfectly achieved by playing chess. And once you have reached your time limit, just take the action, whatever it is!

11- Stretch your comfort zone by adopting the “yes” mindset.

Never make your default “no, I am not interested”. Give your self the chance to try new things, have new hobbies, visit new places and have new friends.

12- Read Useful and inspiring Books.

All the above was about practical advice, however you should take care also of the theoretical advice that help you understand your problems, so you have to read useful articles and books about how to be confident.

Eduard Ezeanu is the author of the Social Confidence Program, in which he explains how to eliminate your shyness and have a killer self esteem. Not only the program will dramatically boost your self esteem, but also it will tell you the reasons behind your low self esteem and how to overcome them using very simple but effective techniques that REALLY WORK!! You can Click Here to watch a Free Presentation now.

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Why Do I Dream About My Ex?! Mon, 12 Nov 2012 22:45:25 +0000 Read More » ]]> “I Dream About My Ex! Please tell me why i dream about my ex!” was the subject of an email that was sent by a guy telling that he is still dreaming about his ex girlfriend although he did whatever can be done to get over her.

He was wondering why he is still dreaming about her and if there is a way to get her out of his mind, because -as he said- he cannot take a rest from thinking about his ex even when he sleeps!

In this article, i will tell you why you are still dreaming about your ex and so how to stop thinking and even dreaming about her.


Why Do I Dream About My Ex?!!

Well… I am not going to get into dreams and dreams interpretation debate, however all you have to know for now is that dreams come from your subconscious mind.

So if you can change the way your subconscious mind sees your ex, then you will not dream about her again.

What you see in your dreams is exactly what you want to do in the real world but you and your subconscious mind know that you cannot do.

For example, you may want to seek revenge of your ex girlfriend, however you do not know how to do it… As a result, you dream about seeking revenge from your ex girlfriend.

Another example when the your ex and the break up in general hurt your ego and self esteem, you try to find a way to prove for yourself that you are still worthy, so you start dreaming about your ex girlfriend coming to you and begging you to get back to her again while you refuse and ask her to get out.

Another case is when you still miss her and want her back, but you do not know how to do it or you simply feel like it is ALMOST impossible, then you start dreaming about both of you and your ex getting back with each other and living the happy times again.

As you can see, your subconscious mind uses your dreams to do what you cannot do in the real world, but have you noticed the word “ALMOST” in the previous paragraph?!

Almost means that you still have some hope of getting back together. This hope may not be more than 3 or 5% that you still have a chance to get her back, however those 3 or 5% is what makes you still dreaming about your ex.


How to stop dreaming about your ex?

If you really want to stop thinking or even dreaming about your ex then do the following:

  • Get rid of that small hope

As I told you, those 3 or 5 % are what makes you sad, because you cannot accept the fact that it is over. If it is over, then it is over and if you think that it is not over yet, then do something about it or try to get her back… If it worked, then good and if not, then it is time to move on.

  • Change your beliefs about the break up

Do not think of the break up as a sign that you are not worthy and that is why you have been dumbed! Instead, be realistic and if you did something wrong to her, then say sorry and avoid doing it with your new woman in the future and stop crying over the past.

  • Focus on the goal (your happiness) not the mean (your ex)

People unconsciously fall in love with the person they think he/she can bring them happiness. This means that you have fallen in love with your girlfriend just to feel happy, so the goal was to be happy and the tool or the mean was the person which is your girlfriend, so forget about the mean (your ex) and focus on the goal (your happiness).

  • Stop being stubborn

Being stubborn can sometimes be good if you utilize it to reach your goals, however when you insist to get her back while you know that you will bring a lot of drama into your life, then this is not good at all. In such a case: ask yourself about what you are trying to prove to yourself!

  • Stop bargaining

Of course you do not need to me to tell you to stop fantasizing about your ex, going to the same places you used to visit together, or even listen to sad break up songs because if you do one or more of those things, then it is no surprise that you dream about your ex! Just stop this bargaining attitude.

If you woke up one day after dreaming about your ex, then ask yourself about what has happened in your dream, what you want to do in the real world, and if it can be really done.

If it can be done, then do it… if you succeeded, then congratulations, and if not then say this: “I am a man. I am strong. I am not a kid and I have to face the fact that it is over”

This kind of affirmation cannot work if your subconscious mind is not convinced yet, however when you try to get your dream done or in other words try to get her back and then you fail, then this will help your subconscious mind know for sure that it is over and it is time to move on.

If you want something then go get it, and if you managed to get it, then good… Otherwise it is clear that you have to reach your main goal which is your happiness via another way or with other person than her.

Break Me Free Program was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

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How To Be Attractive To Women If You Are Not Handsome Fri, 09 Nov 2012 21:55:12 +0000 Read More » ]]> People argue with each other about the importance of physical looks. Some claim that it is not important, while others say that it is a must-have for any man to become attractive.

physical looks are the most apparent and obvious trait about a man. It does not need any kind of “marketing” or that you try to tell people about it or to show it to others.

Physical looks do not need any kind of testing by women. Women realize your physical looks and physical attractiveness from the first instant they meet you. Women (and every one) can judge your physical looks even before you say a word.

That’s why a man who is good looking has a slight over advantage over any other guy with an average look, because even before he starts to talk, he is attractive from one point of view which is his physical looks.

Researches tell that women are more interested in guys who can provide security and protection for her and her offspring on the long run. However, it’s common to see a group of women talking about how a certain guy is charming and handsome. So, what is the truth?

The truth is women do care about physical looks; however they do not put too much weight for them.

The explanation of the above story is that a handsome man has a bit over advantage at first, that when women see a handsome guy, not only they perceive his physical attractiveness, but also they start to ASSUME or Hope that the guy is attractive from other points of view such as his way of communication, his confidence level, and his abilities to provide protection and security.

To make it easier for you to understand it, I will use some numbers.

So let’s assume there is a really handsome guy coming to approach a group of women.

At the very beginning, women give him 10/10 as a total evaluation of his overall attractiveness (which is very rare, but let’s just assume it).

Women assume that all other factors that makes him attractive are as good as his physical attractiveness, and so they give him 10/10.

Once the man opens his mouth and starts talking (women are now testing), the 10/10 evaluation will drop to 9/10 if he does not do a good job choosing his words, and it will drop to 8/10 or even less if he was not confident enough.

6/10 is the maximum he can get if he was shaky and with some tension in his tone voice and low to zero sense of humor, the overall evaluation drops to 4/10 or even less.

Of course we did not mention anything yet about financial state and what does this handsome guy do for a living and as you can see the guy is finished.

On the contrary, an average looking guy who is trying to approach a group of women and is given an overall attractiveness evaluation of  5/10, can easily get 6/10 if he uses the suitable words and communicates confidently.

If this guy can market or show his self-assurance and with a good sense of humor, this guy can get a total of  7/10 or 8/10.

Also we did not take into consideration anything about his job and financial status. Of course if the guy has a high paying job, he can easily get 9/10 which is perfect.

As you can see, the slight advantage of the handsome guy over the one with average look puts more responsibilities over his shoulder to keep that 9/10 or 10/10 and prevent it from going down.

By the time, the man with average looks can reach or even exceeds the same level of overall attractiveness that the handsome guy gets. It’s a matter of time.

Good looking Vs. looking good

This is another thing that confuses a lot of men. The handsome guy in the above example does not make any effort to get his looks. He was born like this, and this is something you do not have any kind of control over. However, the good news is that you still have a chance of looking good.

Unlike good looking, looking good is something that you can control. For example if you are over-weight, you can go in a diet. Learn about how to be attractive using your body language and apply what you learn. Skinny and want to gain some weight and build muscles? Just hit the gym. Having a bit expensive haircut and some stylish closes is within your abilities and is something you can control. And believe me it makes a big difference.

Stop this kind of self-deception and blaming life for not being handsome just to escape from going into a diet or making some efforts to lose weight. It is just you are lazy. Just do your homework and your life will dramatically change.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that every rule has an exception ; that’s some women really want a handsome guy more than anything even if the guy overall attractiveness is low.

The reason for that is that those women have low self-esteem and poor self-image, that’s why they want to compensate for their poor self-image by dating a handsome guy so people would say something like “he preferred her over all those beautiful girls, she must be better than all of them!”. This kind of women want to prove that although they are not beautiful, they are still able to get that handsome guy that many beautiful women cannot get. They just want to brag and show.

An example of women with low self-esteem and poor self-image is arrogant women. Yes arrogant people have low self-esteem.

As you can see, besides that the fact of having a good look may not have a significant effect on your overall attractiveness, it may also attract the bad kind of women to your life. So, if you are one of those “lucky!” guys and have a good look, please take care of this kind of women.


The conclusion is, while physical attractiveness is important, it is just one factor that cannot compensate for other factors that make the overall attraction of a person.

Anyone who is physically attractive still needs a lot of skills to keep his overall attractiveness level to women expectations, otherwise he will not survive.

However, you have to do your best with your looks because they will certainly help you get a first good impression so you have to make whatever can be done to improve your shape and style as long as it is something that is under your control and you can change, otherwise forget about it and focus on other things you can improve.

John Alexander is the author of the famous guide how to become an alpha male , in which he reveals a lot of secrets about attraction and how a man can attract women to him like an alpha male very easily and confidently and keeping them attached to you as well. You may want to check what John says about his guide here.

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All About Rebound Relationships Tue, 30 Oct 2012 04:50:25 +0000 Read More » ]]> In order for you to understand rebound relationships, let me first tell you about an important research.  A Scientific research has shown that falling in love with a new person produces  some kind of chemicals in the brain. Those chemicals are very similar to those produced after taking a dose of drugs.

In other words, when you fall in love with someone, your brain starts to generate certain chemicals and after a while you get used to those chemicals as if they were drugs i.e. you become addicted to the amount of chemicals produced every day out of being in love with someone.

What really happens when you feel like you miss someone is that you miss your daily dose of those chemicals, so right after a break up, your subconscious mind realizes that the source of those chemicals has been gone and you have to find another alternative source which in our case a rebound relationship.

With that said, rebound relationships can be nothing more than an analgesic or pain killer that can be addicted and become hard to quit.

What is a Rebound Relationship?

A rebound relationship is a relationship that occurs within a short period after or before a break up.  The rebounder or the person who wants a rebound relationship is usually wants to fill the gap that his old lover left.

A rebound relationship is nothing more than a quick fix (as rebounders  think) to the break up problem and the pain created out of it.

As I said, rebound relationships do not only happens right after a break up. They may also happen just before the break-up when the rebounder becomes sure that the relationship is about to end and so there is a need for another source to provide the same amounts of chemicals produced when being in the first relationship.

In this case the main purpose of the rebound relationship is to prevent the person from experiencing the pain that occurs before or after break-ups.

Another very important fact is that a rebound relationship should not always be new. In other words, when your ex girlfriend asks you to stay friends with her, she is actually using you for a rebound.

And what most people do not know is that this is a case of a rebound relationship which happens right after a break up and the only difference about this case is that this rebound relationship does NOT require a new lover as the girl makes use of her ex to get over him or vice versa.

Signs of a rebound relationship

If you are the rebounder, it is common for you to feel or have one or more of the following signs:

  •  Eagerness for being in love too fast.
  • Loving love itself or being in love regardless of the lover!
  • You are moving too fast towards your lover as if you are hungry for love!
  • You often talk about your ex with your new partner!
  • While being in the rebound relationship, You still fantasize (many times) about your ex getting back to you!
  • You feel like the new relationship is boosting your self esteem!
  • You feel like the new relationship (the rebound relationship).
  • You feel like the new relationship gives you a good mood by dredging you of attention and care!
  • You are still looking for other potential partners although you are already in a new relationship!
  • You are still missing your ex!
  • You are still making comparisons between your ex and your new partner!

In a nutshell, you don’t feel like you’re serious about your partner and the whole relationship!

Just ask yourself this question:  if I was given the chance to get back to my ex and the old relationship, would I agree or I would continue with my new lover?

If your answer is yes, I would get back to my ex… then you are in a rebound relationship for sure.

If your answer is: I do not know or I’m not sure, then there is a HIGH possibility that you are in a rebound relationship and you have to decide which side you would take if you was given such a second chance.

However, If your answer is a CLEAR NO, then this is not a rebound relationship or it started as a rebound relationship and has been transformed into a real or even a committed relationship.

Do rebound relationships work?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no, but the normal case or the higher possibility is that they do not work because they are built on an emotional compensation basis which is not a constant base, however if this variable basis turned into a constant one i.e you started to really fall in love with new partner, then this rebound relationship is going to work.

As you have just read, a relationship may start as a rebound relationship and after a while it may be transformed into a real love relationship.

This is simply because your mindset and your criteria for selecting your potential partner are subjected to change right before and after a break up. You may feel like your older criteria were completely wrong and you should not follow the same criteria for choosing your next partner.

For example, a man who used to put a lot of weight to a woman’s looks when choosing his wife or girlfriend, will certainly doubt his criteria after the failure of his relationship with that blond woman (just for example) and he May or May NOT realize that his criteria were wrong and should be changed.

This change in criteria depends on many things but as you may have guessed, the more you are an un experienced lover, the higher the possibility that you may change your criteria.

The success of the rebound relationship depends on many factors like:

  •  Whether you are flexible to change your criteria or not.
  •  What are your new criteria?
  •  Whether you stick to the new criteria or just feel like need to modify them again.
  •  How is your new lover compatible to both your old and new criteria? And how is he/she able to understand you and your needs?

As you can see the success of a rebound relationship is possible but it depends on a complicated formula that determines whether your rebound relationship is going to work or it will be nothing more than a transient stage between two stable stages.

Rebound relationship advice

My advice for you is:  if you can wait for a little time right after the break and try to completely forget your ex girlfriend before you enter a new relationship, then this would make you even emotionally stronger and your chances to avoid a rebound relationship are even higher.

But what if you feel like wanting to start a new relationship right after the break up and cannot wait?

What if you are stubborn just like me and cannot be convinced before you try things out yourself?

Well.. in this case I’m not going to ask you to wait because you do not want to wait and I know you will not wait so if this is the case you have to do the following:

  1. Try to carefully choose your new partner
  2. Try not to tell him/ her that you love him/ her before you are sure that the relationship may succeed.
  3. Do your best regarding increasing your self esteem. This point is the most important one. It will make you stronger and more clear about the new relationship and even able to leave your ex and your new partner without feeling bad like before.

If you are already in a rebound relationship then just do the last point and if you have not tell each other that you love each other then postpone this step to later time when you become sure of your feelings towards the new lover.

if you are the rebounder then reevaluate the relationship and ask yourself if you were not dumped or going through a break up, would you have loved your new partner?

If yes, the continue! If no, then break up with your new lover before it becomes harder for them to understand your excuses!

But in case your partner is the rebounder, then ask yourself: Do you really love your new partner? if no! then break up with them and do not just stay because it would not be kind of you to leave them! Sooner is better! Trust me.

But if you find that you love the rebounder then put them in some tests to check how the rebounder feel about you. If he or she started to fall in love like you then continue, otherwise face them and check again but if you found that it is a one sided love (from your side), and the rebounder is just needing you to stand again on his/her legs then it should be the end of the rebound relationship.

Another important thing is: when you are the rebounder try to learn how to change your beliefs about love and break ups. This will simply make it easier for you to deal with a break up and when you manage to deal with a break up and get over the pain, then you will find that you have no need to use a rebound relationship.

Break Me Free Program was developed based on psychology and hypnosis and will help you get over the breakup fast and easily. It will help you break your attachment to your ex and feel confident and fine without your ex and so give you the power to move on. You can watch a free video here about how it works.

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5 Rules To Bring Back Your Ex Girlfriend! Thu, 25 Oct 2012 19:39:36 +0000 Read More » ]]> If you want to bring back your ex girlfriend then you have to do a lot of hard work on yourself and your mindset, and if you even did not manage to bring your girlfriend back, you will become the best person you can ever be.

A break up is actually a chance. A chance that can make or break your life.

Your goal should be to get the break up to work in your favor, and not against you.

You have to see the break up as a chance to change the bad things you always hate about yourself.

By working on yourself and changing your mindset you will get at least one of the following benefits:

  1. You will become a better and more attractive person which will make it easier for you to get many girls in your life and most of them will be better than your ex girlfriend.
  2. You may manage to bring back your ex girlfriend.

So you will either get number one or both number one and number two as well. It is a must win situation.

How to bring back your ex girlfriend?!

1) Become a real man!

A real man is a strong man. By saying strong, I do not mean that you should have big muscles (although it is nice to have), but I mean to be emotionally strong.

The emotionally strongest man on earth is the one who like things and love persons but he does not let himself be too attached to any of them. He does not have too much expectations from people and so he never get disappointed.

In order to bring your girlfriend back, you have to be not very attached to her love and to accept the fact that the relationship may end at anay time because of any reason and this should not stop your life… Yes, your life may be affected a little and for a little time because you are a human not a robot, but it will not stop at any cost.

2) Get over  her!

First, you have to know that I do not want you to forget her when I tell you to get over her. All you have to do is to become able to live a happy life without her and so being single is no longer a problem, however your single and happy life would be even happier if you managed to bring her back to your life.

You may have read before that in order to get your girlfriend back, you have to get over her. This is completely right and here is why…

When you manage to become happy even without her, then even if you are trying to bring her back into your life, you will not try to get her back out of neediness or because you need her but because you love her and want to share your happy moments with her.

Neediness is one of the most dangerous attraction killers, and if you managed to get over your ex and tried to get her back without showing the needy kid inside you, hen this will dramatically increase your chances of getting her back.

3) Raise your self esteem.

Right after a break up, raising your self esteem is the first thing you should do because of two important things:

The first benefit is: Your self esteem plays an important rule of getting over your ex. Some people think they will still love their exes and will never manage to forget them because they loved them more than anyone else, however the truth that their unconscious mind hides from them is that it’s a self esteem issue i.e. your ego.

It is normal for a dumped guy to feel bad. This is a normal reaction to the rejection you got from your ex girlfriend when she broke up with you.

Your ego is severely harmed right after the break up. The only viable solution you see to stop that ego pain is when your ex comes and say “sorry dear. I didn’t really mean it! You are very important for me! I love you so much”. This is a great option right?!

But this is not a good option because it does not provide a solution if the problem happens again and it makes the solution come from an external factor that you do not have a control on which is your girlfriend.

The right solution to such a problem is to stop attaching your self worth to what people or your ex think of you. Do not let her or anyone determine your value as a man simply because you are the only one who has the rights and can determine your own worth… Are you with me or what?!

The second benefit is: Confidence is the number one trait that attracts a woman to a man. That said, you will improve your dating life so if you didn’t manage to bring back your ex girlfriend then you will manage to get many other women and most of them will be better than your ex.

4) Understand the real reason you want to get her back.

You may be telling yourself that this point is not for you and you do not have to think about the real reason you want to get your ex girlfriend back because you are sure that you want to get her back simply because you love her!

Well think again!

Maybe it is your ego. Maybe you just want to feel worthy.

Another possibility is that you do not want people to say that you have been dumped.

Anyway, the rule is:

 The more you want her badly, the higher the possibility that you want her back because other reason(s) rather than love.

5) Understand the real reason for the break up

Have you did something wrong?? Lied or cheated on her? Or you do not even know??

Break ups happen for many reasons but a break up is an indicator that a relationship cannot work as long as the current situation remains the same. This simply means that as long as the reasons for the break up keep happening, the break up will keep happening as well.

There are many reasons for a break up, but the most common two are too much attention (you was needy) and too less attention (you ignored her or ignored the relationship), but anyway you have to understand the core reason behind a break up and if you find that  it is related to you, then work on solving it.

However, if it is related to her or it is her responsibility that you broke up with each other, then guess what?! You do not have to correct your ex’s mistakes!

If she tried to correct her mistakes, then you have the right to think and decide to give her another chance or not. But if it is her mistake, then you do not have to even read this post. Just go find another woman that really deserves your love.

Trying to bring your ex girlfriend back is like any other thing you try to do. Both success and failure are viable options. And while the above advice may increase your chances of getting her back, failure is still an option. All you have to do is to try and never attach your failure to your self worth or to the idea that she is better than you and so is rejecting you… This is not true and you know it deep in your heart.

You may also want to check my ultimate guide on how to get your ex girlfriend back .

Matt Huston created the ex2 system and helped many guys get their ex girlfriends back. Not only Matt will tell you about killer tactics and techniques to get her back, but also he gives a complete guide named “Train your girlfriend” as a bonus to help you keep her after you get her back. You can read a complete review of the ex2 system here or you can listen to Matt’s free audio presentation here. ( Hint: the video may take some time to start so wait about 5 to 10 seconds for the video to load because there are too many people trying to access the server and watch that video).

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How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back – The Ultimate Guide To Get Her Back Wed, 10 Oct 2012 21:59:58 +0000 Read More » ]]> If you are coming here searching for how to get your ex-girlfriend back, then I’d like to congratulate you. Your search for this problem ends here.. I promise :)

First of all, I want you to understand the following points:

  1. It is still possible to get your ex-girlfriend/wife back, and yes, it may be difficult and sometimes impossible, however in most cases, it is possible to get your ex-girlfriend back and even have a happier life than before.
  2. While it is still possible to get her back, it does not mean that this is the best option ever because getting over her and moving on can sometimes be the best thing to do.
  3. You have to fight for your love like a man. So you should fight and should do it like a man, so no begging or crying or anything like this, and if you have already done that, then stop it now.
  4. A relationship is formed by two persons; however it is broken by only one of those two persons; that is why only you willing to get back together is not enough. She also must be willing to get you back and even more than you want, and do not worry about how this will be achieved. That’s why you are here.Getting your ex back requires both of you willing to do it, and since you want to get her back, the only missing part of the puzzle is to make her also want to get back and even more.
  5.  Getting your ex back is in most cases counter intuitive, for example, you may find me telling you that getting your girlfriend back is all about getting over her! In such a case, please follow me blindly because there is no time to doubt what I am about to teach you. What I am about to teach you has helped a lot of men just like you, and you are not an exception.
  6. By talking about time, it is the most valuable tool in your hands now, so use it wisely.
  7. As I said getting her back is all about getting over her, we will talk more about this but what I want you to understand now that you are not trying to get your girl back, however, you are trying to reverse the break up and fix  the relationship with your ex. Period.
  8. You have to fight for your love like a man, but suppose that while you are reading my blog, you realized that your girl does not worth your trial or that you deserve a better relationship, then the best decision that you can make is to move on from this relationship and think about the future and your future partner.
  9. Finally you should know that there is nothing which is 100% guaranteed, and getting your girl back is also not 100% guaranteed.

So what are we going to do?

Here is the plan…

First we will analyze your situation and if (remember only if) we find that you should get her back, then we will try to do so. If it is possible then it is okay, and if it is not possible then it is also okay, move on and seek a better future in both cases.

Before we start, it is strongly recommended that you have a pen and your notebook for the best the result.

So, let’s start..

As I may told you that the first step is to analyze your situation, because when it comes to getting your girl back, there is nothing like one size solution fits all. Every case is unique, thus I want to know many things before I can help you.

The following cases are the most common ones. Check which category you belong to then apply the recommended advice for this particular case.

If you believe that you have a special case rather than the ones mentioned here or a combination of them, then feel free to contact me, and we will see what we can do about it.

1- You dumped her.

Did you dump her? Are you the one who ended the relationship?

Yes, I know it is a rare case. But just in case you dumped her and after a while you discovered that you was wrong and it was not the right decision. This is the only case you should say sorry, but do not get me wrong, you should say sorry with your actions not by words and not by begging. Real men admit it when they are wrong, however they also do not beg for anything. Never!

So, if this is your case, then check how to win her back when you are the one who dumped her.

2- You cheated on her.

Did you cheat on her? Ah this one is really bad. When you cheat on a woman or even lie to her, you lose her trust. Trust is a very necessary component for any relationship to survive. Thus, your main goal is not to get her back, instead your goal is to get her trust back.  For more on this, check how to get her to forgive you after cheating on her.

3- It is still not a break up.

Can we really consider your situation as a break up? Have you formally broken up with each other??

I know it may sound a bit weird; however, sometimes people start to apply the “get ex back” advice to the wrong problems. Your girlfriend might have not just in the mood, when she told you that you have to break up with each other.

She might be stressed or have some issues in her life that you did not or cannot notice. Also, may be it is just a normal fight or argument between you both.

In this case, you have to give her a shoulder to cry on. If you have already fight with each other, then give her more space. After a couple of days, call her and talk about anything but avoid talking about problems and conflicts.

If it is not the first time for the above scenario to happen, then check the following point for more possibilities.

4- She is no longer attracted to you.

 Another possibility is that she was just cold for a while. This can involve one or more of the following scenarios:

  • She blames you for doing the same thing that she used to like in the past.
  • She says things that do not make any sense at all like “you cannot understand me” or “I need some space” or “I am bored, I just need to see other people” or anything like this.
  • After a while she started to be colder and maybe she starts flirting with other guys.
  • She even may start to hang out with another guy!
  • She acts as if you are not there. She treats you like her puppy. In a nutshell, she does not respect you!
  • She may also act as if you are a boring person (or even tell you that you are boring).
  • She may ask for a break or for you to leave her alone for a couple of days, then repeat the same request again and again. She also may not determine the period of this “break”, which means that you have to wait for her and pray that she comes back soon!

In a nut shell, while you are trying too hard to please her, you cannot make her happy, and you know it and she also knows it.

Now, if she did not dump you till the moment you read this, you are really lucky, but I warn you that a break up is about to happen, fast action must be on top of your priorities.

If this is your case, then check how to get my girlfriend back for more about the mistakes you should avoid.

If she has already dumped you, check the next point.

If she has cheated on you, then do not even think about getting her back. Never! Ever!

5- She has already dumped you.

If she has already broke up with you after one or more of the above scenarios, then before even trying to get her back, I strongly recommend that you check both the article i want my girlfriend back and the article I miss my ex girlfriend.

It is always important to make sure that she is worth your efforts and you are not just wasting your time on some kind of a bitch girl.

And before anything make sure to read 10 signs you should not try to get your ex girlfriend back.

If you are still feeling so confused and cannot decide what you should do? Then check this: what to do after a break up?

Now, back to the case that after all you still want her back .. Okay, let me introduce the no contact technique, or the no contact rule.

Either you think that you know the no contact rule or not, you must check the previous link about the no contact rule to see if it is the right solution for your problem or not.

You may also consider being friends with her. If so, do not do it until you read the article: Should you stay friends with your ex girlfriend?

Another thing to consider is to make use of mind games and psychological tricks, but do not over do it and make sure to appear natural otherwise mind games will lose their effect and may even make your situation worse. This can perfectly done with you facebook account even if you are no longer friends on facebook, so make sure to check the post: How to get her back using the power of facebook?

Final words about getting your ex girlfriend back

For a real man, women come second in priority. For real men, women are not everything or even the most important thing ever that makes or breaks their lives, but women are still very important for them to the extent that they come second in a real man’s top priorities.

It does not matter whether you can/want to get her back or simply cannot/do not want to get her back. Anyway, All what matters is YOU and only you and your happiness, and if she can give you that happiness then many women can do it as well.

Matt Huston created the ex2 system and helped many guys get their ex girlfriends back. Not only Matt will tell you about killer tactics and techniques to get her back, but also he gives a complete guide named “Train your girlfriend” as a bonus to help you keep her after you get her back. You can read a complete review of the ex2 system here or you can listen to Matt’s free audio presentation here. ( Hint: the video may take some time to start so wait about 5 to 10 seconds for the video to load because there are too many people trying to access the server and watch that video).

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