5 Costly Mistakes Women Make That Pull Men Away Completely

Has this ever happened to you?… You met with a man that looked like the best man in the world, he was also impressed with everything or at least many thins about you, he requested that you go out together, he bought you some candies and red colored gifts,  may be, he later proposed to… Read More »

Top 100 Relationship Blogs To Follow In 2013

This is a great info-graphic by couponaudit.com guys. This info-graphic includes the top 100 relationship advice blogs that you can visit and follow in 2013 ranked according to their twitter followers number and facebook fans. While Relationshippa.com is listed at number 64, i decided to publish this info-graphic so that you can get to know… Read More »

Naughty Texting – Vintage Style

This is a guest post by my friend Alan, in which he shares his own tips and techniques on how to effectively flirt with a girl over text. Generations to generation people get flirty and naughty by none other than love letters, greetings and now-a-days chats, tweets, watsapp or even Facebook updates. One of my… Read More »

Love at First Sight 101

love at first sight or love from first sight is one of the so generic and confusing topics ever. In the past, i used to get confused when thinking about love at first sight, but when i asked some of my friends (who were confused too), some of them told me that there is nothing… Read More »

Tips on Saving a Relationship: Win the Trust of Your Ex Again

Trying to win trust back is never easy, especially when it has been broken by something like infidelity. Even though it is not easy, it is far from impossible, and (with the right tips on saving a relationship) you and your ex will be able to rebuild the trust. Rebuilding trust after infidelity and getting… Read More »

Everything About One Sided Love Or Love From One Side!

One sided love or love from one side has always confused many people. Most of us used to say things and ask questions like: Is one sided love a real love? Can we consider one sided love as a normal love? How to deal with one sided love? Should I tell the person that I… Read More »

What Do Women Want In a Relationship?

This is another issue that confuses a lot of men including me in the past. I used to think of women as a kind of a puzzle that cannot and will not be solved. This was simply because I could not understand what women really want in a relationship. The following is the sequence I… Read More »

The Honeymoon Stage In A Relationship

It is also known as the romance stage, infatuation stage, bliss stage, enchantment stage, blindness stage, and the Fantasy Stage and it is stage is very necessary to establish the bond between lovers. It  should not and will not last forever as the media brainwashed our minds. What happens in this stage is actually what… Read More »

How To Get The Power Back In A Relationship

How to get the power back in a relationship

In the article the power struggle stage in a relationship, I have said that both men and women are trying to control or affect each other by their own methods. Women use their soft and feminine methods to get the power from men while men try to affect them and get the power back by… Read More »

The Power Struggle Stage In A Relationship

The power struggle stage in a relationship

Lots of men know nothing about the concept of power in relationships. They blindly deal with their women without knowing anything about it, and when it is the end of the relationship, they start complaining and claiming they did their best, however the reality is way different. This article will tell you in an indirect… Read More »