9 Tips To Get Over a Breakup!

“How to get over a break up?”  This is the most important question if you are tired of your ex, doesn’t it?! Relation means a lot for an individual. Therefore, break up at relationship is not a pleasant thing for anyone. It causes sadness and depression, sorrow and loneliness. Sometimes it takes a long time… Read More »

8 Killer Signs Of Rebound Relationships And How To Avoid Them!

“I love you Ali. Actually I am deeply in love with you!” she said it lots of times to the extent that I started to believe her. At the beginning, I swollen the bait and thought it was the best relationship I have ever had, but I noticed some signs later that made me doubt… Read More »

The Best Breakup Advice Ever

Frankly speaking, the first time I was asked about the best breakup advice I did not know what to say. I can tell you about 5 or 7 of the best breakup advice but if you are asking about just one single advice.. well I am going to tell you about it right after this… Read More »

Why Do I Dream About My Ex?!

“I Dream About My Ex! Please tell me why i dream about my ex!” was the subject of an email that was sent by a guy telling that he is still dreaming about his ex girlfriend although he did whatever can be done to get over her. He was wondering why he is still dreaming… Read More »

All About Rebound Relationships

In order for you to understand rebound relationships, let me first tell you about an important research.  A Scientific research has shown that falling in love with a new person produces  some kind of chemicals in the brain. Those chemicals are very similar to those produced after taking a dose of drugs. In other words,… Read More »

How To Forget Your Ex Girlfriend

When it comes to break ups, people are divided into two groups. The first group is those who suffer badly right after a break up. They keep visiting the same places they visited with their ex. They keep listening to sad break up songs. They cannot sleep, and lose their appetite. They may even cry!… Read More »

Stages Of Grief After A Break Up

Stages of grief after a break up

Contrarily to common beliefs, the stages of grief after a break up are so unique and completely different than the case when you lose someone of your relatives or a friend to death. Yes both of them are making you sad, however getting over a break up is sometimes even harder to do. At the… Read More »

What To Do After A Break Up?!

What to do after a break up.

So you have been dumped or you are even the one who ended the relationship? Now what?! what to do after a break up? Of course it is a bit different if the end was your choice (you are the one who ended the relationship) than if it is the case when you are forced… Read More »

I Want My Girlfriend Back

I want my girlfriend back

In the article I miss my ex-girlfriend, I have stressed on some points or false beliefs that may be preventing you from getting over your ex-girlfriend like thinking that you will never find another girl like her. And while this may be the case of many guys, there are many other false beliefs rather than… Read More »

I Miss My Ex Girlfriend!

I miss my ex girlfriend

Sometimes after a breakup, you find yourself missing your girlfriend, and this is actually really painful. In fact, experiencing pain after a breakup is not the problem; it is actually a syndrome of another core problem which is your belief system. In this article I am going to show that if you can get rid… Read More »