Thank you for your interest to know about me and this blog.

Hi, My name is Ali and I am the founder of relationshippa.com.

I am also a mechatronics engineer, a sales man, a fisherman, and a chess addict.

Although i have helped many guys including my friends, I do not even consider myself a relationship expert. However, i know way more than those so called relationship gurus.

Seven years ago, I was extremely shy. I could not approach any woman or girl. I was lonely and frustrated. I even deceived myself by denying the existence of love. I was telling everyone that I did not need women or love. The lame excuse I used was that I am too busy to have a woman in my life. As a result, I knew nothing about women , how to approach them and what they really want.

It was not too long before I saw that gorgeous girl. I procrastinated many times before I finally decided to approach her. Of course you can guess what has happened! It was a real mess! This actually was a shock for me… And after a while, I decided to change my life.

Now, and after many years of hard work on my personality, reading many books and approaching hundreds of women, I managed to completely transform my love life for what I really wanted. I decided to start this blog to share the knowledge I got through my journey to understanding women and relationships.

Enough about me… What about you?


What do you want to achieve in your life?

How about your relationship? Do you live the love life you always dreamed of?

Have a relationship issues and want to fix them?

Got dumped? Want to get her back?!

Do not worry. All what you have to do is to keep visiting this blog and read as much as you can, and I promise that you will have a full control of your love life.

What can Relationshippa.com do for you?


Relationshippa.com is all about giving you the necessary advice you need to succeed with women. You will find information that can help you achieve the following:

  • Improve your love life
  • Get the woman you want
  • Become confident around pretty women
  • Keep and maintain a healthy relationship
  • Save your marriage
  • Prevent, stop, or even reverse any breakup
  • Get your ex-girlfriend/wife back
  • And many many things…

This blog is not for those who want to get many girls for the sake of being surrounded by many girls. After many years of hard work studying relationships and women, If there is one lesson that I have learned, it would be that when it comes to women and relationships, quality is the king not quantity. This is what most of the Pickup artists will never want you to know.

Make no mistake about it. The advice those pickup artists teach you may help you get many women but it will not help you keep and maintain a healthy relationship. After all, what’s the point of succeeding to get many girls while you do not  have an overall success in your life.

This blog is not for those interested in just one night stand or pickup advice.

However, do not worry , I will teach you how to approach and get the woman you like, but approaching women should be a mean not a goal itself. My goal is to help you succeed with women without harming other areas of your life like career success and goals. In fact, my goal is to get the success of your love life to work in favor of your overall success in life, not the opposite.

Believe me! Life is too short to waste it chasing girls or on the other hand to live it without love . Just focus on quality not quantity.

Wish you all the success,