9 Tips To Get Over a Breakup!

“How to get over a break up?”  This is the most important question if you are tired of your ex, doesn’t it?! Relation means a lot for an individual. Therefore, break up at relationship is not a pleasant thing for anyone. It causes sadness and depression, sorrow and loneliness. Sometimes it takes a long time… Read More »

5 Costly Mistakes Women Make That Pull Men Away Completely

Has this ever happened to you?… You met with a man that looked like the best man in the world, he was also impressed with everything or at least many thins about you, he requested that you go out together, he bought you some candies and red colored gifts,  may be, he later proposed to… Read More »

8 Killer Signs Of Rebound Relationships And How To Avoid Them!

“I love you Ali. Actually I am deeply in love with you!” she said it lots of times to the extent that I started to believe her. At the beginning, I swollen the bait and thought it was the best relationship I have ever had, but I noticed some signs later that made me doubt… Read More »

The Importance Of Self Confidence!

Recently, I have received an email from a guy who told me that he likes this relationship advice blog and asked why I am writing about self confidence and not dedicating all my time and efforts talking and writing about relationship advice and psychology instead. After all, what is the importance of self confidence and… Read More »

Top 100 Relationship Blogs To Follow In 2013

This is a great info-graphic by couponaudit.com guys. This info-graphic includes the top 100 relationship advice blogs that you can visit and follow in 2013 ranked according to their twitter followers number and facebook fans. While Relationshippa.com is listed at number 64, i decided to publish this info-graphic so that you can get to know… Read More »

Naughty Texting – Vintage Style

This is a guest post by my friend Alan, in which he shares his own tips and techniques on how to effectively flirt with a girl over text. Generations to generation people get flirty and naughty by none other than love letters, greetings and now-a-days chats, tweets, watsapp or even Facebook updates. One of my… Read More »

Love at First Sight 101

love at first sight or love from first sight is one of the so generic and confusing topics ever. In the past, i used to get confused when thinking about love at first sight, but when i asked some of my friends (who were confused too), some of them told me that there is nothing… Read More »

Tips on Saving a Relationship: Win the Trust of Your Ex Again

Trying to win trust back is never easy, especially when it has been broken by something like infidelity. Even though it is not easy, it is far from impossible, and (with the right tips on saving a relationship) you and your ex will be able to rebuild the trust. Rebuilding trust after infidelity and getting… Read More »

Best Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Back

Making a relationship with someone is easy, but it is difficult to keep it forever. Due to misunderstanding and clashes, your relationship has come to an end. It is natural to feel lonely after a break up but do not worry, i am going to tell you how to get your girlfriend back right in… Read More »

How To Be a Brave Man?

 The questions: How to be a brave man?, How to be brave and bold?, How to be brave in life?, and What should I do to become courageous? are all valid questions that are asked by many guys everyday. We used to think of courage and braveness as the ability to face the beast, but… Read More »